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Caterpillar wants to End Life

I just a caterpillar who want to try transform into butterfly. So I should fly and become traveler. To see awesome flowers every time fly. Even I know I am not strong enough but I love to have my wings. I know I am nothing because I only caterpillar. I am so ugly and fatty. I just stay in one tree and feel wonder about what’s other trees look like. I am always thinking and wondering about it.

One day, my dream come true. I finally end my life as a caterpillar and become a butterfly. Is easy for me to fly? No! That is never easy to make my adventure life. I should out from pupa and try so careful to out from it. It is not easy inside pupa but I know something magic will come to me. I can go out from pupa and see the new world in different way.

Life is like that! We always wonder about it. We try to be success and something to make it real. It is never easy to do. Build dream is like you are dreamer but only a few people finally can make dream come true. Who are you?  Do you want to be caterpillar and transform to be butterfly with long process? Maybe you think life is easy but life is never easy.

That is why I have some blogs to build it from zero to be awesome one day. Its only somewhat to make something worth it to read over and over one day. Because life is so short and I won’t be stuck in imagination without try to make it real.