Find the Meaning of Real Holiday

This is something new for me. I never realize holiday it is not always to find some places with a beautiful view only to take pictures and enjoy it short time and move to another part. Holiday is something every one need it. Holiday is something you can enjoy your real ME TIME without making your body tired all the time. Because you make “best” planes only to discovery some parts which it recommended from an Internet while you are searching information.

Honestly, being relaxing in one place for a few days really wonderful experiences for by myself. Yes, I am a “butterfly” who love to fly to beautiful place. Sometimes I am forget about the true meaning about holiday. It is mean I should spend best quality time to enjoy every minutes to relaxing, walking, and eating.

That is why the different about luxury holiday with the backpacker. Because mostly my holiday about do something like backpacker and make my time short to enjoy one place because in a day my plans should be 5 parts different places I should visit it in a day. So, the way long journey, crowded people and the most the view. I only make it short to get best selfie or photos only. Is that holiday? What is mean desire about holiday?

Discovery new place is good but it does not mean I should rush in one place to other places. Better, I go to one place and enjoy all day in that place. It is more nice then rush to get time only to discovery many places and make body tired after holiday.

I know every body has different opinion about holiday. I bet mostly you are forget about the meaning of holiday, actually. It is not about how you make awesome selfie pictures to show about your holiday. During your holiday you get lost in a few places to make your friends jealous with all awesome pictures, videos you make it. Actually, you just spend a little time in that place and also waiting so long time to get perfect selfie without many people around you. Its sound nice with you? Actually it sound tiring for me.

How come I forget about the real meaning of holiday. Its enjoy the fresh air, beautiful view, relaxing and enjoying every moment without to rush and catch up to another place. Let’s making and finding what is the meaning of holiday on you.



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