Discovery Beach in Bintan Island

I really enjoy to discovery beach even I can not swimming. Some friends are always teasing me and call me mermaid because I love to take my pictures in the rock near ocean. Some people notices that beach so beautiful and nice view, of course. I am agree with them. Honestly, beaches always fantastic to see and enjoy moment on the beach if the beach has beautiful view, clean sea, and white sands. That is so perfect to discovery the beach if the beach like that. I know every beaches in Indonesia has different style and that is so cool if we can discovery all beach in Indonesia.

So, here I am a few days I do discovery beaches in Bintan island and I find some nice beaches to enjoy the time and get lost in beautiful of nature picture. Mother nature always fantastic to discus and discovery, am I right? I just wanna share my happiness when I get fantastic time in Bintan beaches. As I know, Bintan island surounder of seas and some part get beautiful beaches to visit for relaxing and fun.

Tanjung Siambang Beach

This beach located in Tanjungpinang. That is so nice place just for short time such as 15-20 minutes to discovery this beach. The reason because the facilities still not good enough for foreign tourist to visit it. I just love to see sunset in this area when I have time. I wish government will take over to make this place will be best place to visit and local people and also tourist will love to spend time here.

NOTE PLEASE: Throw your trash in the trash can so our beach will keep clean and beautiful. Even the facility still less and far from best.

Trikora Beach

I love to discovery Trikora beach during my weekend. When I am free because Trikora beach, especially Tree part Trikora beach has beautiful rocks and also the waves is not so high plus the water is like crystal so clean and blue. I never lie about this beach. Even, lately when I visit this place, I find some trash in the coast of beach. I really MAD and I wish our local people will know how to appreciate the mother nature and keep the trash with them to throw to trash can or dump.

Sakera Beach

Already long time I never visit Sakera, so a few days ago, I went to that place. Many change of course but I am not lucky when I go there. The reason because the beach sea is subsided so I can’t play with the sea salt water hahaha but I can say this land part of beach so recommended to visit to get fun on the beach.

Still has many beaches in Bintan island but I will not tell you all about the beaches in Bintan island. Perhaps, one day I will discuss one by one about how is beautiful landscape of the beaches in Bintan island, so you will not sorry to visit it. Honestly, the problem is Bintan island do not have public transportation to bring you to beautiful places but if you wanna visit Bintan island, you can use my service because I will make open trip as soon as possible on December or January 2018. Because, I never bored to visit beautiful places in this earth, especially Bintan island. 

If you want to ask more information do not hesitate to say hello to my social media such as twitter on @citrapandiangan or dm my instagram on @citrapandiangan or @citrap81. If you want more fast reply, you can sent me message on my email See you and I would love to help you discovery Bintan island based on your budget.

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