Trying to get Lost in Tioman Island

Do you believe something good happened in your life when you are getting lost in other part of world which You never imagine, You can visit that place and find something beautiful of mother nature. It happened to me with long way to get lost in the earth of mother nature.

One day, I contact my partner in crime, Veranika. I asked her to join with me to get lost in somewhat I do not know it. Let’s call that is Tioman Island, Malaysia. My friend, Vera live in Jakarta and I am staying in Tanjungpinang for a while. So, Tanjungpinang become our meeting point to go to Malaysia.

Ferry Goes to Malaysia
still early morning and getting to jetty TPI

I buy ticket return Tanjungpinang to Malaysia that is cost around 500,000 IDR. My friend and I decide, we get first schedule of ferry Tanjungpinang to Malaysia so we are not rush our time while arrive in Malaysia, exactly Johor Bharu. Honestly, wake up early morning around 04.00 am so hard for me when You just fall asleep around 01.00 am (can You imagine it, guys). It’s o.k because I am so damn excited to get lost in the new place. Finally I go to the jetty in time and do some normal regular stamp passport and the Immigration ask what we are doing there and bla bla bla. Before passport get STAMP. Then, ferry goes to Malaysia with estimate time around 4 hours. 4 hours in the boat (ferry) ouch it so long time for me and You, I bet!

4 hours so long if you just seat and do nothing. Lucky me, I am so sleepy so I am fall asleep for awhile before getting sick sea because less sleep for a week. Yea... what should I do I am freelance, my time depend on the projects I should finish it in time as I am deadline woman hahaha. Vera is exciting to get around the ferry and she wants to get the up ferry to take some pictures. So, I decided to company her and bring my heavy backpack which it very important to bring it anywhere I go hahaha. 

my backpack and I become one hihi

enjoy the windy before sea sick is getting worse

The waves suddenly high and it make my head is getting headache and my body is getting little “trouble”. I see her fine, lucky her. She mock me little bit because I am getting sea sick, come on! Don’t laugh on me about that.  

my partner in crime and I on the ferry to Malaysia

Stulang Laut Jetty
Malaysia is front of us now in a few minutes. I do not want rush to out of ferry, better I just get out in last passengers. So, queue to get stamp. It need time because many people also go to Malaysia. Let’s making a line and let’s every body get the STAMP so they can get in to Malaysia. The second neighbor in Bintan island, because mostly our friends love to visit Singapore. So, Stulang Laut jetty is getting more better because it already in “new place”

stulang laut jetty the picture taken when in the boat

We got the stamp and now time to catch up the bus. We already know where my friend and I will go. So, first at all better go out from the jetty and find the taxi out from the line of queue taxi in the harbour. Here I am on the road to catch up the city bus to bring us to the Larkin Terminal. I bring my favorite purple suitcase and also backpack and I am getting out the line and cross the street. Suddenly, a chines man offer his taxi with the price around 15 RM (actually guys if with the argo meter that is around 13 RM and grab around 8 RM ).

Note: grab price is depend on the located you want to get pick up and drop but the price is more cheaper then taxi meters of course. Taxi is Johor Bharu, Malaysia has many companies the red one color is low price if compare with the blue taxi color. But all of it back to you if you are budget travel like me, so cheaper is so recommended to save some money to buy something hahaha... oops

Larkin Terminal

The drive keep talking about bla bla bla so cheaper he gives us price of taxi but actually we notice the meters in silent hahaha but we are just positive thinking because the taxi driver drop as so close on locket to buy ticket to many places you wanna go. He also warning us to buy ticket on the locket and do not buy ticket outside of locket. O.K noted it! Because I do know the Larkin Terminal as well but that point also so important for you guys who never and still making plan to go to Malaysia via sea.

Many lockets with many company of buses but no worry and confused about that because You and I can read as well right. I just find the paper on the locket and read which the bus with my direction. So here I am, we get the bus S&S International which the bus will goes soon. My friend and I are so lucky because the bus is waiting us in the line counter. We buy ticket Johor Bharu to Mersing around 13 RM using S&S International Bus. The estimate time from Johor Bharu to Mersing around 2 hours, depend on the road and traffic.
Bus almost goes when we are arrived and inside the bus only a few people who wanna go to Mersing. Some people look us because we make the bus get little let to go as schedule only a few minutes. It is not our fault actually, if the locket woman said You can not take this bus and wait for two hours in the future, it is o.k for us too hahaha.

The way to mersing so silent, my friend and I “divorce” the vocabulary I always used to her if we are separate. I just wanna close my eyes and enjoy the journey and my friend who seat a little cross on me busy with her phone and making selfie anyway hahah. O.K enjoy your time girl.

Mersing Terminal
the cat wants to get selfie either even I did push cat to go hahaha

I almost close my eyes so perfect when my friend wake me up from beautiful dream hahaha. Actually, I just close my eyes during the bus goes to the Mersing. My mind is fly away about my novel I should finish it and also some activities I do make plans when I decided to go to Tioman Island. Mersing Terminal bus is not so big if I compare Larkin, Johor Bharu Terminal bus but my favorite terminal bus is TBS Kuala Lumpur actually hahaha. Clean, AC and nice wifi too sometimes.

my favorite suitcase already to get long journey

My friend who just silent actually she is really need goes to rest room. So, I am waiting her in terminal while she is looking for the rest room. I seat and a man who said himself taxi driver offer us to go to Tanjung Gemok jetty. He offers the price around 61 RM to me and also the man (oversea man which Indonesia said bule and malaysia said maksale) and I said I just wanna used Mersing jetty because before getting in that place, I read some bad reviews on Tg Gemok jetty actually some people who go there feel disappointed and feel like cheat because suddenly the ferry is not go as schedule without notice them.

Note: Tanjung Gemok jetty is around 30-40 minutes from Mersing. From Tg Gemok jetty to Tioman island the estimated time around 1.5 hours – 2 hours depending the village you want to visit actually. Tanjung gemok jetty schedule has variants morning and afternoon. The schedule of ferry depend on the sea level so notice it, they can operation or stop without notice just make sure you see the Tioman ferry schedule you can get access on website. Normally the ferry Tg Gemok to Tioman island is morning around 10 or 11 am and afternoon around 2 or 3 pm. Just beware and don’t get into the scam.

Mersing City and Finding Hostel

My best friend forever already booking me hostel and where I think this hostel a lot of best review. Tired body is not making me STOP to searching that hostel but suddenly when we are already find it after an hour search. I decided I won’t used that hostel for one night to rise the ferry early morning schedule around 5.00 am. So, I am looking the hostel with low budget. 

I was in half bridge to get to mersing city from mersing terminal bus so long journey lol

Honestly, when I get lost to find that hostel which already booking, my eyes get catch to one hostel with simple name but in that time, we just focus about The hostel which we are already booking. When I know how difficult to get up the hostel in 3rd floor with small gang and dark. I change my mind, really, so scary hahaha and tiring in my mind.

the way to the hostel which I rejected and my friend get finnalty

Lucky me, my partner in crime agree with my decision so here I am back on the street and find some hostel with low budget and we are already a few times asking the price on the hostel, hotel and finally we get the hostel. Do you want to know where my friend and I stay? Just stay tune on and betravel as the way you are. I will back and give you best story on my adventure there with awesome pictures of course.

my friend take my picture this the result
I taken this picture
I take this pictures
my friend take the picture :( so different ya hahahaha

To be continue. . . . do not forget to follow me to the next an adventure and I bet you will love it and you also want to join with my an adventure. I also will open trip to Bintan Island, Indonesia for more question about it you can contact me on my email

never stop your feet to get an adventure even it is not so easy

Be traveler as the way you are


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