Explore Beaches and Nature in Lingga Island

Dream and real it just a line. Sometimes I do not realise this is a dream or  real because it so beautiful to be real. Same like the weather today when I decide to discovery Lingga Island for a few days. The sunny day even I feel sometimes the sun is burn my skin but the wind is being my savior. Wind is making me feel so comfortable even I am under sun light and make my skin become dark and more dark day by day. I do not care in that time, of course.

Punggur Government Jetty in Batam

I am inside the ferry, still empty passengers so taken selfie time

keep calm after getting burn in the ferry roof

The waves become bigger and I decide to get inside the ferry. Even stand in roof ferry is so tempting me but I need rest for a while after long holiday in Tioman Island, Malaysia. When ferry almost so close to Lingga Island, exactly in Dabo Singkep. I see the beautiful landscape and make me go to the roof and enjoying the view before ferry is getting stop in jetty. I use big ferry and the ferry call Lintas Kepri and it just need 4 hours journey. Normally, Batam to Lingga Island (Dabo Singkep) estimated time around 7 hours but this day just so short. So wonderful! 4 hours with the beautiful and sunny day.

I was in the roof of ferry and getting burn

fun time in the roof ferry

Do you know, the ferry full of passengers who they will attend to Fun Bike in Lingga tomorrow morning. That is why a lot of bikes in the ferry roof and it’s so awesome too. Most the Fun Bike Participants are friendly and  nice people. They are from Malaysia and Singapore with different group and ages but all always look young on the spirit in that day. I am so glad, I can see this moment.

the view before arriving in Dabo Singkep Jetty

Before arriving in the city, the buses and cars stop in one point. This part call Marques beach.  This located is not so far from jetty but the view in this beach so beautiful and slope slightly. The most I love this place because this place has a lot kind of turtles with different size. The turtles are taking care when they are already strong. They will back to the real their house, nature.

When I am walking near beach, I see the big sea star in the ocean. The water is so clear and the sea star seem enjoy being “super star” because a lot of people want take picture of the sea star, including me. It so nice if I can get selfie with the sea star then I remember the words which I read and they said if we touch marine animal, they will died in hours after hands touching them. Ouch, it so sad when we just wanna get short time to get selfie with the marine animal without we realise, we will kill them.

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A post shared by Citra Pandiangan (@citrap81) on

30 minutes is not enough time to explore Marques beach in Dabo Singkep, Lingga Island, Indonesia. I wish one day I will visit this place again and see a lot of beaches.... If I have time in the future, why not!  From Dabo Singkep Jetty to the Dabo Singkep City need an hour, depend on the driver. No worry, even it need so long time, I never feel bored because in my left side I can see the beautiful beaches before going to city and the beach view gone because already in the middle of city.

Many people visit small island of Lingga, exactly in Dabo Singkep so most of hotel already full. Lucky me, I still get a room in different hotel with the group. Even this hotel so small but the room is so nice even sometimes get trouble with the hot shower hahaha. So far, I can say that is nice to get short gate away.

Time is fly and night come, dinner in restaurant and explore some parts in the Dabo Singkep also nice. Mostly about culinary and also one of cafe which this cafe has public karaoke. Some of friends are getting fun with this place with supper and sing some songs from Malay, Cina and English song. Whatever it is, fun time is most important. Resting is also important to get energy to explore some beaches and nature in Dabo Singkep. I can not wait in that time.

Sleeping beauty is need it, sleep and awake with the fresh body. Fresh mind and soul are important to make bad day become wonderful because in that day is raining. Rain in morning time which many people already start to biking with heavy track. I can not imagine 15 kilo meters on bike and get fun time on bike. Yippie, we do not join in that event because I will explore some places in Dabo Singkep. I can not wait to explore nature in Dabo Singkep.

Emmm, I will tell you right now. I wanna explore Pantai Batu Berdaun, Batu Ampar Waterfall, beaches and also hot spring. Do you want to know, that are nice places to explore? Emmm, just stay tune on asiabutterflytraveler.com because I will be back with a lot of story which will make you wanna go there too. I am not lie and I always be honest about my adventure which all so fantastic to share. See you soon.

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