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Time is faster then I can realize. Time is making me happy and scare in the same time. I would love to keep alive and be happy but who I am! I can not make plan be real without work hard and also pray in every time I am trying new things. Talking about You thing. Here I am! I want to introduce You all my FREE E-Magazine I create Only For YOU. I hope You will love it and be happier then me.

I am not expert and I am learning to make this. I know in the first edition should be stand out and great. Honestly, it so far from perfect because I just “butterfly” who love to fly from other flower to flower but I wanna leave it with happiness around it. The flower is like activity which every time change and I never realize. What I want to do it pass so fast. So, here I am I want to introduce You to my first time I make E-magazine. The reason is go green that is why E-Magazine is more important but the hard magazine also very important. Its o.k to start new thing in the new year.

This E-magazine, You can download every month ( I hope), it will be exist and You will love it time by time. That is my wish in this beginning of 2018 year. Bring happiness and making people fly away to get passion in the earth of mother nature. No one can rejected holiday in alive but the big problem to get lost in paradise sometimes You and I need a lot of money to discover and be fun in every places You and I discovery. That is alive but that is not mean You and I can not be traveler and fly such as butterfly who have a wings to keep fly.

Lets be friend and enjoy my e-Magazine. Give me feedback, that is more important to me who just learn little design graphic and still amateur to do this and making one short E-magazine I need long time to decide, editing photos and writing. Do You know, being butterfly and fly from other “flowers” sometimes need work hard and I love to do it with the bottom of my heart and I dedication this first E-magazine to You who love to keep reading my blogs and I wanna give special something for you, at least one time in a month. I wish it can be consistent in the future. Happy reading my friends and be happy be traveler and most important be yourself.

E-Magazine Be Traveler First Edition Only for You


Be traveler as the way you are


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