Mango Sticky Rice Thailand find in Phuket weather is not nice during my holiday in Thailand, Bangkok. So, I do not have time to try street food in Bangkok. Sometimes, I love to try different food when holiday in somewhere. I ever heard about Mango Sticky Rice which this street food so famous and this food also on my list I should try. 


 I have to keep silent when I do not find it near my location but I am so surprise when I find this food in Phuket. The exactly located in Banzaan fresh market.  I do not know if this Banzaan is not so far from Patong beach. It is around 1 till 2 kilo meter by walking. I am so happy when I know this place. I know this place because one staff tour agency told me about this place when I am talking about I want to get fresh durian fruit. So, he told me to find on this market. 

When I am discovering this area, I am so surprise because I find a lot of “street food” in front of Banzaan Fresh Market. This market located on Sai Kor Road, right behind the Jungceylon megamall in Patong. I find fresh seafood and the price is not so expensive. I love to see everything in this place. I am so surprise when I see mango stinky rice in this place either. I can not wait to try to eat them

The seller already put the mango sticky rice in the small box. The price is around 50 baht. It is not so expensive if I compare with the people who already try in the Bangkok. The price started 100 baht. So, I order one box where is the sticky rice is already in box and also slices fresh mango. The seller also add me one small coconut milk. Then, I am trying to add coconut milk on the box stinky rice which the fresh mango slices in the up. I am wonder what is the taste about this food. 

Honestly, sometimes I am afraid to eat new things but when I taste this food. I really love it so much. The sticky rice is not too hard and the fresh mango is great. The coconut milk is not to milky so it is not so bad to add this sticky rice. This is nice traditional sticky rice in Thailand, you and I should try when you are holiday! 

Banzaan Fresh Market

This Banzaan Fresh market is the best place and modern market in Phuket, Thailand. This market sells something fresh such as fruits, vegetables and also seafood. All fresh and you can find fresh flowers either and souvenir. I mean food souvenir hahaha. If you love to buy some Thai food to souvenir for your family after holiday is over. This location is great to find it.



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  1. Wow, i think this mango sticky rice is so unique. sometimes I wish I can try this food too, thank you for your information.

  2. Sering denger makanan mangga ketan dan santan, etapi belum pernah sekalipun. Sedikit aneh ngebayanginnya.