Feel Like in Middle East and Peace

AsiaButterflyTraveler.com|I still remember the song, I am going out tonight I am feeling alright; The best thing about being a woman; Is the prerogative to have a good time. Do you still remember this song? That is right, Shania Twain with the title I feel like a woman. What’s connecting with this song and the topic I want to share on this blog?

It’s night, the dark in the sky without stars and moon. I am going there the roof restaurant and cafĂ© just to get calm, and see the high building without hard voice of music that annoy me. I am a woman who doesn’t like party, but I like the soft music and drinking juice or coffee in the night.

This place became my favorite to get relaxing in the night. It’s call Al Jazeerah Signature Restaurant & Lounge; Located at Johar No.N0.8, RT.18/RW.6, Kb. Sirih, Kec. Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10340.  When you are in the first floor, you will hear a lot of voice because it’s like ballroom which always have event. The second floor, it is more quiet then first floor. How about the fifth floors? It’s very nice; really. Roof place is very nice with the design minimalist, and full lighting.

I can see Jakarta “building” from this roof, even that is not much like other sky lounge but this place is better. Don’t ask me about the food because I do not review the food in this time, so far I like it! I do try some food here. Mostly, I just drink juice and sometimes cake.

I am not diet that is why I am trying hard not to eat more than 7.00 pm but sometimes when traveling. Your rules always mess by yourself! At least, you enjoy every time you discover culinary, am I right? When quiet place, you can dreaming about anything! That’s like what I do. I am dreaming about Middle East place, get lost in beautiful nature; Then make story about it! Already long time, I never make adult book and I miss to write about it. Who knows next year, I can discovery many places in the Middle East place. Which you love to dreaming, what is your favorite place to make you feel calm down and make your imagination fly away without you can control it? Let’s share and perhaps I also want to visit your favorite place.

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