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Hello, I am Citra Pandiangan,
Welcome to my blog This blog I created 18 July 2017. I decided to make this blog because I realize life is so short and it is like life butterfly. Where is every one know about circle life of butterfly. That is the reason the name of this blog Asia Butterfly Traveler who want to be Traveler to see beautiful places and different culture plus shared happiness with my own way.

Asia Butterfly Traveler (dot) com because I am from Asia, especially Indonesia. Where is this  country has a lot paradise islands | BUTTERFLY because this Insects has short life with complicated life. It’s same like our life being ugly as caterpillar then metamorphosis being butterfly. Life is not easy, we got bad life but one day unlucky become awesome life as long as never give up | TRAVELER, yes this is my dream since long time ago but I never confidence to make this become TRUE. One day, I decided travel alone for 45 days then I love to do this and I want it always continue when I have good time to travel and of course save money first.”

I was born in Balikpapan, East Borneo, Indonesia. If You see the map, Indonesia has a lot of islands and every islands has beautiful and unique view to discover. That is why I want to “fly” to every islands in Indonesia, Asia and oversea (one day). To make my wings strong I need to collect money little by little. This is the reason I open this article with the title  “Work with Me.”

Let’s work with me

Content creation

Let’s hire Citra to create professional content writer for your company's blog. My last job was journalist. I also can handle social media channels. I would love to discuss what the content articles or  social media you need to fill on your website or social media to make your business more professional and wonderful.

FAM/Press trips

I would love and happy when you invite Citra to experience your destination and share it with my  audience  through articles, videos and social media.


I would love to review your hotel, tour company or travel application. Product reviews and giveaways relevant to my niche blog is also possible. As You know my Niche blog is about traveling, foodie, travel gear, product to make travel more fun i.e sunblock, sun glass etc. If you want to job placement with different subject. No worry, you can used my other blogs. I have some blogs about life style on | experience travel in my mother tongue at  

Consultant Travel

Personalized traveler planner for the traveler who just wants to pack your bag/suitcase and go. I will do research for you. I'll make itinerary as you want and also your budged to travel. So, you will not sorry about it. I guess I am good to do that because I did travel with many level budged on holiday, low budged including luxury holiday. The point is same to enjoy moment when discover beautiful place without stressful to make plan, do research just let's me do it for you. This time, I just offer my consultant travel only for some places in Indonesia through Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bromo Mountain, Malang, Batu, Bali, Batam, Bintan and Tanjung Pinang; Malaysia I just can help you on Tioman Island, especially Mukut village and Malacca.

Local Guide

Lately, some readers who visit my blog sent me email on or my line citrap22 ask me to help them to discover Bintan Island, Indonesia, especially Tanjung Pinang City, sometimes also  Batam. This requests make me think. It would not bad if I take chance to do it when I am free. I can do local guide to some people who want to discover Tanjungpinang and Bintan Island. It’s so my pleasure to make your holiday here so memorable.

Social Media Buzzer

Some local brands in Indonesia asked me to be participant to buzzer their products on my social media. I would love to do it for you too. I have some social media as a twitter (1,313 followers and will grow step by step on @Citrapandiangan); On instagram  I have two accounts which @Citrapandiangan, I have followers around 2361+ followers. This account mostly my personal photos  through my short video 59 seconds, poetry, motivation video, my adventure. The other account instagram @citrap81  it’s all about my photograph hobby I used my smartphone to take photos and I love to shared it with my 1142 up followers. Facebook on citrapandiangan I have 1,3k up followers and 4000+ friends on my personal facebook account.

E-Magazine Advertise  

Since 2018 I made monthly E-Magazine about Traveler. The concept is E-book or pdf download. Its free E-magazine which the content about traveler, review hotel/restaurant, tips, motivation, poetry and culinary. I know some people love to read short article so this E-magazine short story. I will so happy if any one including you want to work with me to  fill advertisement some spaces on my pages E-magazine. Do not worry for the price is not so pricey. You can talk with me on my line or email to discuss more. 

Looking for something more than a partnership? I can offer that, too. If you need VA (Virtual Assistant) Let’s me know what do you want in the future. It's simple, you just need to contact me first of course. So I know what do You want ^_^ Do not hesitate to mail me or chitchat on my line

If You do not any jobs for me as above, including kids story for gift for your kids or nephew / niece, but  you are so generous. You can treat me a cup of ice cream or slice chocolate on below this box. I would be so happy because you are really nice person I never meet in real but you are like angel. Because you donate little money for me. It's more sweet then chocolate cakes I ever eaten 

  click this link to donate

Let’s Contact Me

You can contact me on my email with the subject (BT) because I have 5 blogs and most in my mother language (INDONESIA) as;;; and other in English Read more about me on this article. If you want to more fast respond you can chitchat on my LINE ID @Citrap22 See you and have good time.  

I would love thank you so much to taking your time to read my article with the title “Work with Me.” I hope in the future we can work together and make collaboration to keep this blog exist and grow up. It's mean you love to used my service and both of us feel happy. win-win solution. Let’s fly with me!

Be traveler as the way you are


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