Discover Penang under ECO Tours Part 2

 The dark was gone and the bright is coming. The new day already. Let’s get breakfast to get energy because today is heavy activities in the second day in Penang. Wow, what do you think my friends? Heavy activities? Yes, for me outbound activity was heavy activities but it was good to burn calorie. Before going to ESCAPE. I would love to go to paradise of butterfly.

Entopia the Butterfly Paradise

Do you like butterfly? Do you want to spend all day in butterfly paradise? Let’s me introduce you to Entopia. This place is butterfly paradise. In this place has 15,000 butterflies with many spices which will fly around you. Where is the butterfly will eat flower’s nectar. So you will see thousand butterflies fly in the same time. Do you want to know more about this place? You just need to check this out articles about Entopia Farm Butterfly on and You just need click on that words to get direct to amazing place of butterflies.

Let’s get ESCAPE

The meaning es·cape (əˈskāp/) break free from confinement or control, but I would not talk about this “verb.” I would love to talk about different meaning of Escape. The Escape I would tell you is the nice place outbound in Penang. Which this ESCAPE was created by local someone who born in Penang. This place is so fantastic with two choice dry and wet activities. Which one do you like the Escape?

Let me bring you in the Escape to get little burn calories in out bound activities in Penang. I do not know Penang has big outbound with two style dry and wet. Let’s go to the dry out bound first. After getting stamp in my hand, I can entrance the dry outbound. Before going inside, I did hear some people yell with excited. Honestly, in this part a lot of playground with good to test our adrenaline and find fun time in many playground you can play it with friends.

Inside the Escape “dry” you will see some play games through coco climb, gecko tower, A-maze, foxy burrow. Atan’s leap, family trail, serambi, monkey school, balance beam, jungle swingers, awan’s farm, treetop cabanas, tubby racer, kite flyer, discovery dig, aecrobat, jumping jack, go bananas, and many things.

When enterance in Escape, the first we will see the play zoom bug. I was so excited and want to try it. Then, I am trying to do it but I could not hold out. I even not finish one round because you have to brave to walk in the rope and many challenge and you have to balance your body. Honestly, it was nice but I am to chicken to finish it hahaha. So, let’s friends finish and get fun there.

I go to other games. I saw the kids so fun time on airbag and I also want to do it too... jump and jump and it so fun. It is like frog to jump and jump and fall down and do it again. Wow, it is hard in the first time but when I did it a few time. I feel so good hahah. Let’s move before I get catch with friends because I was playing kids games hahaha.

Coco climbs look so good either monkey school but to balance body is not easy. I do not know why. I should practice it. I want to try to flying fox but ouch... It is so high climbing first. I can not do that hahaha so let’s some women do aerobatic because many participant other group do it. Wow, it look so good even I just watch them.

If you are brave and want to get adrenaline this is the right place for you. The most you can burn your calories because you have to keep moving with fun style. Let’s cross and get fresh in the water. We go to other part. We just need cross to other side. There has ak academy, ak discovery, ak splash atan’s swing, atan’s jump, banana flip, escape club, family twister, lazy river, play house, speed racer, super looper, mega drop, tots pool, tubby rapids, tubby tunnel, waveball and vollyball court. It is nice in a Waterplays park for splashing good fun. So, just spend your time in the Escape. You will love it.

How to get there:
ESCAPE located in  828 Jalan Telek Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia. You can use public transportation to get this place. You can used  Rapid Penang #101 and #102. This Escape open Hours: 10:00am - 6:00pm (Monday closed).

What you need to bring and wear to enjoy your time in the Escape as proper swimwear, hat and sunglasses, towel and spare clothings, trainers or sports shoes comfortable light clothing suitable for sports activities including swimming dress. Have fun there

The Bottom of Line
I enjoyed my visit in Escape even I was not doing all games because in this day I was not well. Before going to attend to this event I got little fever but lucky me. I was good condition even sometimes I get flue and take medicine. If you ask me question, would I back to Escape. The answer is of course I would love to back on this outbond because many style games I can try and do some little challenge for me. I also saw people go with family even solo travel as long as you love to enjoy your time. It’s good style to give different activities in alive.

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