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Welcome February, be nice to us. I always love to say that words on my diary citra before I am having this blog. Being blogger is fantastic with the deadline I make by myself. I do not realize time is faster then I can imagine. Today is the second months on 2018. Can you imagine! What do You already do in January. I could tell you what I did on January 2018.

I made new edition for all my blogs that was about FREE E-Magazine. That was already start in January (last month) ago and now already February. So that was mean new edition if I want to keep consistent to keep make FREE magazine for You and I. Why I am doing this. I know You have a lot of questions about it. Become a blogger, of course we already busy to keep writing (good quality article on our blog). As You know, I have a lot of blogs and it is making me crazy sometimes when I do not have enough time to writing. Then, I realize! I want make something different that is E Magazine.

 first edition Be Traveler E magazine

The reason because I love my readers and I want to make something different and it is free but that is so difficult for me! I know it because I never learn design and I also do not know about design but that is making good challenge for myself. O.K. Do you want to know my second edition? I will tell you of course. The title in this E-Magazine Be Traveler about On the Sky!

Do you wonder why the title so simple and it is not so interested! I know that because for me on the sky is something like dream and it can be only dream or REAL. It depend on what will we do in our life!

On the blue sky is fantastic to imagine something wonderful and nice. Blue color  also make us feel so relaxing. Our stressful become GONE with this color under blue sky we find the relaxing in our mind and life.

So.... let’s get relaxing during read my short E-Magazine Be Traveler such as story citra. You will love it! I bet and I hope, of course. Your suggestion, feedback I really need it to make my E-magazine in the future will more fantastic and beautiful. This February 2018, I am making something different on article, still make it short because I know You do not like read long article on screen, smarthpone, PC and also notebook. So, no worry, I make it short and You will like it.

Sstss the content this month about Genting village, Tioman Island, Malaysia, simple recipe for chicken soup if you are like me who is lazy in the kitchen. I think this recipe will be our favorite when we should cook in the kitchen! Is the article on the E-Magazine Be Traveler only that? Of course, You are absolutly wrong because many things You will get it. You can get it free when you download on here be traveler E-Magazine. Have a nice read and I am waiting your feed back dear. 

Be traveler as the way you are


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