(6) Six Best Things to do in Penyengat Island

AsiaButterflyTraveler.com-Are you ready to discover Penyengat Island, Tanjungpinang city, Indonesia? Honestly, I love to discover this island. Some people said this island is small island, but actually for me this island can’t be explore only one day without rush. Many beautiful spots you will get when you discover this island.


Based on my experience, while visit this island (Penyengat Island), you will enjoy about story, view and also culinary; all you can get there, including try traditional Malay dress. Let’s make the adventure begin. Whatever you want to visit this island, you should visit Tanjungpinang city first. Then you can continue use traditional boat; which the people said pompong. No worry, this boat is safe and operation morning till the late around 06.00 PM. If you want rent return around 150,000 IDR but if you just want to buy one ticket; the price is around 7,500 IDR one way per person. The boat will go when the passengers 15 people. So, be patient to wait till the boat full.

It’s short trip from Tanjungpinang city to Penyengat island only 15 minutes. You can enjoy the view while the boat goes. I know the voice of boat so load but no worry, if you are afraid because the waves high, you can close your eyes and eat candy. That’s making you better from the seasick. Finally, you are arrived! You have two alternatives to discover this island, by motorcycle rickshaw or feed. Honestly, I like to discover by feed so I can find nice spots but if you want to get spots photo and the history spots without trouble; Use motorcycle rickshaw that is great idea. The driver already knows where to bring you to some tombs that full history about kingdom of Malay. 

6 Things to do in Penyengat Island, You should do while holiday in Bintan island.

1. Discover History

If you love history, discover Penyengat island will make you learn new things about this story. This place has a lot of story start from the special mosque until poetry and the kings. Some of the building still exists and the old building split up in this island. You can find it and make great photos. I bet you will love it, like I do.

2. Get lost in Bukit Kursi

This hill named Bukit Kursi, you can find beautiful view and also above the bukit kursi there are some ancients cannon remains. Honestly, I like to see the view from bukit kursi. I can see the ocean surrender this island, it’s like being spy hahaha. That is awesome, really and the wind will make the hot weather throw away.

3. Find The Great Spots Photo
Many spots modern and old spots which will make you get a lot of collection photo such as nature and also old design building as your background photos. It’s the most I love to hunting spots photo here. 

4. Try using Malay dress

Do you like to use traditional dress while visit new place? If your answer is YES; then let’s go to village meeting hall. You can rent traditional dress with good price and take some photos with the wedding background stand inside the building.

5. Relax and Eat

After discover this island; I bet you and I are feeling hungry. Why don’t us try to eat culinary near harbor or near the village meeting hall, there has some seller which sell some traditional food with good price. While eating you can hear some waves and also feel the wind touch your bare skin.

6. Try used Becak (Motorcycle rickshaw)

I can imagine your feed become so tired and why do not use becak inside Penyengat island. That is nice to discover while back to port use this traditional transportation. Enjoy every moment, perhaps you get lost the amazing spots. While use becak, you pass in nice spots. You can ask the driver to stop for a while because the price motorcycle rickshaw per 3 hours or you can make negotiable price.

So, are you ready to discover Penyengat island in Bintan island, exactly Tanjungpinang city? What should I give you advice, while visit this place? The first use comfortable shoes, bring water, use mosquito lotion, bring hat, camera and tripod. Then, have fun there. 

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