Service Photo Products | The New Business StoryCitra is making you feel better? Make a plan or do action? Actually, I am already long time thinking about make a little business based on my hobby. Honestly, today I am trying to offer my new business for you who want to make shopping online and need someone who takes your product photos; because you do not have time to make photo.

Since 2019, while I love to traveling and I get this an idea to make extra money to survive when holiday with little business. I really love to take some photos, especially product photos and food. It’s so lovely to make something nice and get little money while doing that!  I know many experts and professional on photography. Who I am? Who offer this service to you? I am just beginner but I always do it with all my heart. I am trying the best and give better choice to you. You can use my service and contact directly with me on and I love to discuss something I can offer to you with nice prices.

Open service photo products is not bad idea actually, although already hundred service which offer the same and with long least experiences. I just start it right now! Do I have to shame about this idea? Honestly, I am not shame but I will do the best to make you feel happy because you believe me to handle your products with lovely sense. Don’t judge book if you never read that, give someone chance to get better idea. So, if you are interest to use my service, let’s find out more about my service storycitra.

I do believe blue always blue, sometimes it can be bright or bad; depend on about what we are thinking in alive. Take it or leave it, which one good for us?  More photo can find it on my instagram:

Storycitra => Link on here
Jejak Cantik => Link on here

More detail, I will inform you as soon as possible


Be traveler as the way you are


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