Feel Like Hell, Holiday Get Diarrhea

AsiaButterflyTraveler.com-Holiday is something like happy hours, oops happy day I mean. Can you imagine when you get fun and happy, suddenly you get trouble with your belly. Your belly become machine will destroy you. You don’t know why this happened to you! Before going holiday is everything right; You already spend a few days in the new place. Suddenly your belly is damn like big enemy. The feel is mixing between pain and hell became one.

Then, you have to go to toilet because you just want to go there. The belly is control your mind and body. So, you just need to follow it. The big trouble is you are in the street neither restaurant. You should go to place which has toilet for you to get calm down inside toilet. Alright, finally you find it, but what happened when you just step a few steps and you need come back to toilet. That will be so embarrassing but you should stay strong to find another new place to make your stomach feel better.

Alright, what happened with this belly? You are thinking hard about that. Suddenly you realize you get diarrhea! The more confused you do not know the reason. Why this is happened to you! That’s what happened to me lately. when I was going holiday to Bogor, exactly Puncak. It’s so humiliating for yourself. The most funny story because of this diarrhea, I did not know why I want to share about this accident.

For some reason, suddenly I feel my stomach aches and nausea. There was a sense of wanting to fart, since it was night and I also realized that no one was walking behind me. Finally, I just farted. Suddenly a voice sounded "ouch, ouch." Oops, apparently there is someone behind me. Well the smell of fart was immeasurable, because it really was diarrhea again. Shame is stronger than stomach pain. I walked faster and I wish that people behind me was not know my face clear.

The most I realize, diarrhea because of the food. So, I must smart while eat food during my holiday. Perhaps the food while I was eating is not boiling enough or cooked enough. I just remind you as well because you are my friends, perhaps this tips will help you get less risk during holiday, especially diarrhea because this illness so damn trouble. Please, don't eat food from the street vendors. Better you avoid milk products including ice cream. Do not eat meat or fish which that food was not cook well done. Better consume fruits which you can peel it by yourself as banana, oranges. Then the most important do not put cube ice in your drink.

I know it sound make wall on your holiday, especially when you really go holiday in the new place and want to hunting food. Believe me, diarrhea while holiday that more worse then you have to control what you should eat better. Let’s find the good restaurant, wash your hands before eating. The most important when you already get diarrhea, buy medicine at the pharmacy. Better idea, before traveling you have to prepared a variety of medications for prevention, one of them when you get diarrhea. You already have medicine. So, you are not wonder about it again.

Most people are afraid if they get wrong decide to buy medicine in pharmacy. So, better if you go holiday to another country bring your own medicine for diarrhea. So, you do not need make short holiday because of diarrhea. Have good day and please go away from diarrhea because it is not nice and feel like HELL.

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