5 Best Things to do in Tanjungpinang City

AsiaButterflyTraveler.com-Where is Tanjungpinang? Perhaps many questions ask about the exactly place Tanjungpinang. It’s so sad, because Tanjungpinang is the capital of the Riau Islands province. Even though the city of Tanjung Pinang is not big, but there are many things that you can be visited or explored. 

The Map of Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands, Indonesia.

Are you ready to explore Tanjungpinang city? Lucky, this time you can use taxi online or motor bike online to explore the place. No worry application taxi online already exists even that is not a lot for the cars. You also can rent a car if you have international license. What you should do while visit in Tanjungpinang City?


1. Culinary | Enjoy Seafood in Tanjung Pinang
Do you like to eat? Honestly, I love to eat while traveling and try variants local food. So, don’t forget to give space for your belly to try local food in Tanjungpinang. Many places you can visit to try culinary. The most local people offer to try is seafood such as gonggong ( I don’t know in English),  shellfish, crabs, and squid. Do not miss the fresh sea fish. All you can find it in Tanjungpinang city, including in the central Tanjungpinang.

Most people always like to try eat gonggong because it so unique and good taste. Don’t surprise while you find a lot of local coffee shops in Tanjungpinang, because local people here love to drink coffee. That’s why a lot of coffee shop style fancy till luxury.

 2. Shopping in The Tanjungpinang City

Tanjungpinang place is so close from Singapore and Malaysia. So, do not surprise if you find some chocolate and snack from that country. That is normal, even this time is not like years before government make rule. Long time ago, you also can transactions using Singapore currency; because most the shop use currency Singapore. This time, you can’t find that style again. 


Do not think  Tanjungpinang has big mall. Mostly local market, but you can find fresh food and also dried foods such as anchovies, salted fish. That is nice, really. Some people from oversea always love to explore local market to find that kind of food to souvenir.

3. Simple Beach

Honestly, I am so surprise lately ( I mean years ago) when I know Tanjungpinang has beach. Can you imagine if Tanjungpinang city do not have own beach and should go to Bintan island just to enjoy the beach. This time, Tanjung Pinang already has own beach. It’s simple beach but also nice beach to catch up sunset. Even the water is not big enough, because sea ​​water on the beach receded. Even like that, you will enjoy your time there.



I do not like visit this place on weekend because many local people visit this place. Sometimes this place (I mean the beach) has big even regular years schedule. You will love to visit while has event and enjoy the event either.

4. Temples

Can you imagine, Tanjungpinang mostly Islam but this place has a lot of temples. Even the largest temple in Southeast Asia exists in this city. This is proven by Tanjungpinang, even though the City is Malay but respects differences in belief. It is very pleasant to visit temples in several places in Tanjung Pinang City, one of which is Senggarang. There is the oldest and unique temple. In fact, there is already a new activity there for leasing Korean-style clothes.

I don’t have the Korean style clothes photos because I never try it. Perhaps in the future when I have time, I will show it for you. You will love to spend time there in Senggarang, because I love to sit while look sunset, while wind make me feel sleepy. Beware lots of mosquitoes, it's good to bring mosquito lotion and also snacks. After that, don't litter. Take away your trash!

5. Penyengat Island

Why don’t you try using small boat, local people said pompong to discover Penyengat island. You already in Tanjungpinang city, better you go there and explore history and hunting spot photos. More information about penyengat island, I did make article and you can read all about Penyengat island here.

Why you should visit this place? It’s not only history but also fancy place if you like to get many collection photos. Next time, I will try to give you a lot information about Tanjungpinang city. I think enough for today!

I bet you are confused where you should buy ticket to get explore this place. Tanjungpinang has airport it called Raja Haji Fasibillah. It’s small airport because the flight schedule only a few, such as I remember Tanjungpinang to Jakarta, Tanjungpinang to Dabo, Tanjungpinang to Pekan Baru. I will update if I remember in the next articles. I bet you will love to explore this place.

I had experience became independent guide to my guess local and also overseas. They said they love to explore this place because quiet, fun and unique. How about you? If you wonder and want to know more about Tanjungpinang, you can contact me by email; you can read on my profile. I would love to share some information about this place. I am also glad if you share on your social media and friends, I guess this article is useful for you to get explore the new place, am I right?

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