Eat Lendir Noodles in Tanjungpinang Culinary| Honestly, I like to discover and hunting food. Culinary sometimes make me feel “fly” when I find something unique and no mainstream. Do you know where is Tanjungpinang? I bet you do not know, where is Tanjungpinang, because most people just know about Bali, Jakarta and including Batam. Tanjungpinang is capital city, but do not imagine it’s like Surabaya. Although like that, you will love to visit here and try some amazing culinary here. Even the place is not fancy at all like in the metropolitan or unique design like in Yogyakarta, but the taste culinary here is the best taste. 

Many culinary here in Tanjungpinang city, this time I just explain about mie lendir, (mee lendir; lendir noodle) that is the name of this food. I bet you already can imagine this food, because its contain noodles. Who does not know about noodles and never try noodles. Most in Indonesia love to eat noodles, so what is different this menu?

Let’s me tell you about this menu! The unique from this menu is the sauce; it’s makes from peanut and so thick and looks like slim because of the thickness. Even like that the taste so delicious. I love it, even the first time I eaten this noodles, I felt wonder when I look the sauce. After trying it, I love it. The sliced of chilies in my mouth make me more watering to eat every single noodles on my plate. 

This noodles is yellow color and big. The texture is very smooth.  This menu is Noodle cooked with bean sprouts, after cooking. It will serve with brown sauce. The sauce is making from peanut and some people said it also mix with sweet potatoes for the sauce. Then, the seller will add boil egg. Then, I can eat them. It’s good to eat in early morning.

Where you can find the noodles lendir or mie lendir? You can find in Tanjungpinang such as Jalan Bintan and some waroengs in Tanjungpinang; Bintan, and also Batam. So, do you want to try to eat these noodles? Let’s holiday to Tanjungpinang.


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