Is it fun to play at Trans Studio Garden Tanjungpinang We have been to Trans Studio Garden several times in Tanjungpinang, Bintan islands. Early leaving, did not bring enough preparation. Understandably traveling with small children, babies require sufficient preparation. What do you need to bring your baby to have fun at Trans Studio Garden?


Baby gear

If the baby is learning to walk, it's a good idea to bring a baby stroller. This is so that we don't get tired of holding babies when exploring Trans Studio Garden. The location is quite spacious, if you are carrying a child, you are quite tired at first. So, it is important to bring a stroller so that both mother and child can enjoy their time there.


In addition, not many sell snacks for babies. There's nothing wrong with bringing baby milk supplies. Indeed, the time of entry is checked by security, and is not allowed to bring food from outside. However, for babies or children, there is certainly no prohibition on formula milk, right?


It's okay to bring a few pieces of biscuits so the child doesn't fuss. Don't forget the most important thing is to press and clean clothes. If there is an accident that makes the child have to change clothes hihi. Usually, children are afraid of the dark. It's a good idea to go around 04.50 to have time to relax until sunset.


The weather at that hour is not too hot. Plus, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the lights in the live game area. Although there are not many games for babies, at least there are many beautiful photo spots to make childhood memories of children.


Although the game is preferred for children aged 5 years and over. At Trans Studio Garden, there is Central Games. So even toddlers can enjoy the games at Trans Studio Garden without having to feel too hot. Because it's air-conditioned. So comfortable for children.


Trans Studio Garden is built on a 1.7-hectare land with several rides that can be enjoyed, including Magical Garden, Kids Land, Adventure Land, The Garden Plaza, Sky Rider, Water Bike and Game Center, and many others. If the price for each game doesn't go up, then it costs around 25K for one game on the rides. While the entrance ticket starts from infants to adults for weekdays at 15K and weekends at 25K per head. In your opinion, do you want to enjoy time with your family at Trans Studio Garden Tanjungpinang? 

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