4 Yummy Food in Claypot Andak Klang

Food is something I desire. I love to eat and mostly local food when I go holiday. Because local food is always tempting to eat. Its like something I seldom find in my country. Even mostly similar but how the way to cook, serve and taste of course different. That is why culinary and holiday are perfect match to get best experience.

Talking about food. I still remember the way I am eating nice food when I go holiday in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. I find some yummy food when I do try eat in Claypot Andak, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. So, I will take you fly to my an adventure while I get fun time to enjoy 5 yummy food in Claypot Andang.

Roti Milo

This is the best roti  I ever eat. Actually, I will try to explain in English. Even, English is not my mother language, but I do try best as I can do. Roti is mean bread, bun, but actually this Roti Milo, similar like pancake or prata and only texture which different. Roti Milo is more crispy then Pancake. The way to eat also different, we eat this roti milo with 3 variants sauce. Let’s I tell you the sauce is sambal (chili), curry and dhal nut. Wow, so you can eat the roti milo with them. The taste so far so good and I love it. That is why I recommended this food to be my first list. That is why for this food I give 4 stars

Nasi Goreng Tumbuk

I know you are wonder what that is mean in English. I will let you know that is mean fried rice poud. Which that is mean the padi chili (green chili should be poud with traditional way). Then mix with some flavors such as onion, garlic, salt, etc. Then fried them with rice and contain with same variant contents, for example fish and egg. Why I love this menu in Claypoy Andak? Because the spicy of the padi chili make me feel this is the best food I do eat this time in Claypot Andak. For this food, I give 3.5 stars

Tahu Bakar

What the hell this name of menu. I bet I make you wonder again! No worry, this is menu in English call tofu roasted. The tofu should be roasted till the skin of tofu get little hard (not soft) anymore in little fire. Eemm, simple explain its like you make BBQ. After the tofu is already hard in out skin. It will serve with the peanut spicy sauce. WOW! I love the peanut sauce in this menu. The texture peanut I still can eat it because it is not pound to soft. So I can still taste the real peanut in the sauce. For this sauce I will give 4 stars but for the texture tofu I give 2 stars because to hard skin inside and outside. So, I do not like it so much for the tofu.

Asam Pedas Claypot

As a name of this cafe Asam Pedas Claypot. This is the special menu in that cafe. In English maybe it will call  Spicy Acid because of the taste is spicy and acid in the same time when you are trying to eat that Asam Pedas. Most this menu so recommended in this place because this menu Asam Pedas always fresh. You order then the chef will make it for you.  I love this because fresh food. So, the texture fish in this menu still fresh when in my plate. They have  three choices of Asam Pedas. Its called fish sembilang, stingrays and  fat meat. Which is your favorite?  I prefer the meat because the sauce tastes sour. The acid concentrated in this spicy sauce makes an incredible sensation in my tongue. So, this is my choice for this menu. As for the spicy sauce of the fish was more concentrated than stingrays. That's because the fish that makes the sauce spicy acid becomes thick. The taste of the two fish are also different, all back to the matter of taste. Awesome right to try different of food in one place? I give this menu 4 stars

Its not only that menu which  Claypot Andak, Klang offer to customers. Because in that place still has variant yummy foods but I can not taste of them all right. So, do you want to try to taste the culinary in Claypot Andak Klang when you visit Malaysia. I will give you the address.

Claypot Asam Pedas "Andak" is located at TBG 97, Kuantan Village, 41300




  1. I prefer with the tofu with bean sauce, how the taste is it...? Will try then hihi...
    Nice story.

    1. Thank you, the taste is so good... I love your choice too

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