Lombok to Gili Trawangan Boat Experience

After check out from Sudamala Hotel, I am waiting the taxi I do booked by phone. Its no need to long time, Taxi already arrive in front Sudamala Suits and Villas in Senggigi area in Lombok Island. My an adventure is not end while I check out from the hotel but it still begin. The taxi take us on the road the way to go to the pier Lombok to Gili Trawangan Island.

The way to go there from Sudamala Hotel need 30 minutes and it spend around 60.000 IDR using blue bird argo. I also stop in one spot to take some picture before getting on the jetty. This the problem begin the driver take me to private boat. He does not take us to generally boat. I got little disappointed about this one. We spend a lot of money to take us to Gili Trawangan return around 500.000 Idr with heavy negotiation about the price. First, they offer us around 800.000 Idr return. We want to one way but they said it can not. It should be return.

O.K after getting trouble with the horrible price. We decided to use this services. The boat so fast and inside the boat I also feel like in roller coaster. The waves so big and make me want to jump to front hahaha. Its first time in my life going to Gili Trawangan but Lombok island its the second time. Its feel fantastic if its like what our plan. Using public jetty to bring us to Gili Trawangan, but this is the lesson for me who to believe “some” people. I will tell you another story about the reason why the driver bring us to private jetty.

The boat finally stop in pier (jetty) Gili Trawangan. This jetty so small with full of boats around jetty. Its little difficult for me to get out from jetty with big suitcase and backpack bag hahaha. At least, with horrible woods I can passed it one by one J fantastic. Then I should find our hotel. We already booked hotel with the name of Scallywangs to stay two night in this hotel during my fun time in Gili Trawangan.

As I told you! This is my first time visit this island so I do not know which I should go. Right or left or straight. Finally, I decided to ask local people who has stand for offer ticket to Lombok island. I should go to the left side from the pier. I just need walk around 15 minutes perhaps, because the weather is so hot and hit my head. After the unexpected price for boat. Its make my mood get little disappointed.

The road is not big enough and this time many people around us with big suitcase either and also many bicycles active go to anywhere. I should beware to see front and push my suitcase. Finally I see the signpost of Scallywangs. So, here is the place I will stay during my holiday in Gili Trawangan. Want to know more about my an adventure and this hotel? Just stay tune on betraveler blog such as link asiabutterflytraveler.com guys. You will love it every time you visit my blog. DO you ever visit Gili Trawangan? Do you also get some bad luck experience during boat to take you to this island? Come one shared your experience with us on below comment here. I would love to get know and visit your blog/website back.


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