Wake Up in Beautiful Place

Camping in the nature of Bintan island

Am I already in heaven? That what I am thinking while I wake up and hearing wind and birds singing. It is so beautiful moment in my life. When I go out and see beautiful view and fresh air without a lot of thinking. In this place I turn off my smartphone for long hours. Because to keep power to get me home on GPS. This location in Bintan island

Wake up in beautiful place and I get awesome and peace feeling. No wonder about days and life. It something I never find it for long time. After my father death and my life is never easy. Problems, disappointed, hurt, pain always be my best friend for long time. So, when I go camp in this place, I feel something peace. The mountain in the background, so silent, no words to make me rush wake up or do something or annoying voice while make day get blue.

I am waking up in beautiful nature and see the mountain in Bintan island

This place is really exist and I do not need spend a lot of money to enjoy this nature. Become one with nature and I feel God so close in my heart. I do meditation for a while, talking with Father in heaven. This so absolutely great day. I know everybody has the problems who always follow their life. But, sometimes people do not know what they should to do to get out from the “TRAP” of “Problems” in alive.

Let’s Camping in Nature

Long time ago, when I was a student in one of Academy in Yogyakarta. My friends and I sometimes love to run away in nature to get camping. It just for fun after hard study in the test of Academy. Get to nature will make me get little bit relax and fun. So, that was long time ago. I never get relax and fun while camping. Suddenly, I get visited a friend from Batam. This guys is traveler and He never stop to moving from another place to other places. He asked me to joint him to camping in nature in Bintan Island.

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Then without thinking, I said “Yes, why not! It would be great.” So, here I am stand in outdoor with a tent and surrounder dark. Its unique experience in the night. But I will not tell that story this time. But, I just wanna tell you when You awake in beautiful place without rush hours, without voices which make you feel bad. So, here only You. You wake with different feeling when You see something green, fresh air and no annoying voice You hear everyday and most important no rush.

Do you want to know what I feel when I awake and I get out from tent. Two eagle in the trees and they fly away suddenly. It so awesome, honestly. It make me smiling. Smile in the morning! It seldom happened in my life for long time. Then a group of little birds are playing in the ground and sing a song. So beautiful. Smell the fresh air and cold weather so fantastic. It is pure of nature, we seldom find it in the city. Suddenly, I said Thanks for God who give me alive and health. SO I can get wonderful feeling. I am crying in silent which that make me feel better. Crying because I feel so lucky, I can enjoy my morning alone because a friend still snoring inside tent.

I seat under tree and enjoy the moment without to much thinking about anything in alive. You know, how is wonderful without thinking negative in the morning, (without thinking about wonder of life in early morning) I know it something rare. Because, our mind without we are realize always think about it in early morning. It is like automatic command, its like already in program in our mindset. So, today, I do not feel like that for an hour. It so happened in that day.

After it, I am praying in the nature and talking a lot about what happened in my life and it make me feel better. So, today, I can write it. I just wanna tell You guys, life is never easy but let’s go to camping to make You feel better at least on that day. It will make You more wise and get Your bad aura gone step by step. You will get surround happiness even your life never make you easy to get out from trap of problems in alive. At least, You can feel better and alive. The most important, You feel thanks to your life, you still get chance to enjoy alive then the others people.
What You should do to go camp

1 Drink and  eat simple food
2 Tent and sleeping bed
3 Best Location to go camp
4 Leave your problems behind you
5 Enjoy every moment in nature
6 Take breath without thinking
7 Do not thinking anything just be friend of nature
8 Get fun and alive
9 run and walk whatever you want

Be happy and alive


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