Ayam Geprek Tanjungpinang Super Spicy

Ayam Geprek Tanjungpinang Super Spicy

AsiaButterflyTraveler.com-Eating is great! Honestly, I love to eat spicy food. How about you? Do you like to eat some spicy food? The Food with hot green chilies or red chilies is so great. It’s making food more delicious with the taste spicy. When you love to eat spicy food but you are afraid if you can’t eat them! No worry, in this place you can make your own level start from one to ten.


Variant Menu and Level Spicy Original Chicken

Difference level for the spicy will make you feel so good because you can compare it with the level spicy, and every level will make you bring more spicy foods. No worry, this place has many variants food such as ayam geprek sambal hijau (chicken fried with green chili without level spicy); when we are trying to other this chicken. The level spicy is medium so it is o.k for you which you do not like to eat spicy food.

Chicken Sambal Matah
The menu also has Bali chili, It’s called matah (it was fresh and spicy bite). Its contain garlic, onion, chili, terasi (shrimp paste), vegetable oil, lime leaves, and lemongrass. Honestly, I am not fans of sambal matah, but the taste is not so bad. My special order is ayam goreng geprek (chicken fried) level 10. That is great! Poor me, in that time I am eating there, the sambal is too salty and I can’t eat so well, because of too salty. I wish next time, when I eat there again. The taste is not so salty and perfect in my tongue. This is my first time eat in this place, exactly in Jalan Basuki Rahmat.


How about the place? It is not so bad! There is making separated between smoking area and non smoking area. So, you still can enjoy the food without smoke around you. Even the place is not so big enough, but they make three parts one near the cashier, the second one is for the smoking area is so big for the smoking area and down. There is outdoor place to eat, but that place is great in the evening time. While in noon time, you will get burn from sun light.


How about drink? They do not offer to much about the drink. In this Ayam Geprek Tanjungpinang has new stand. It call mango blended. So, I am trying to other it.  The taste is not so bad, I love it! Fresh and nice, because of I ask to use little sugar and little ice. You can request such as your favorite drink. So, let’s find nice spicy foods there with the crispy chicken! You will love it such as I do. If you and I have same feeling about enjoy eating spicy food.



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Note: sambal (a spicy condiment, chili dish)


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