Burj Khalifa- An Epitome Promising A Dawn!

At precisely 2716.5 feet in height and having more than 160 stories, Burj Khalifa of Dubai is the tallest building in the world. Yet, it’s just an introduction to this magnanimous structure; it holds a slew of world records. It is also the tallest free standing structure, has the highest number of stories and the highest outdoor observation deck in the world, and much more. In essence, it is a must-visit place in Dubai that is second to none!

The building is open to tourists from 8:30 in the morning to 11 at night every day, but you have just 45 minutes to tour it entirety. However, time slots are available every half an hour. The best time to visit Burj Khalifa is during the sunset, which implies that you need to book the entry time around one and half hours before sunset. There is a heavy rush of tourists during this period, and it is costly too since the time slots from 4PM and 6PM are considered to be prime ones. 

Once-in-a-lifetime experience to behold the beauty!
Nevertheless, if you manage to get a ticket that just coincides with the sunset, you are lucky. You have an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to behold the beauty of the desert and the gulf in the scattering light of the setting sun atop the topmost outdoor observation deck in the world – on level 148 at the top Burj Khalifa. However, if you are on a budget, you can visit the building in the early morning, i.e from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM, or early afternoon, i.e 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM, or even after 8:30 at night so that you can avoid the crowd as well as the high entry fees.

An Unbeatable 360 degree view!
Apart from all-the adage about beauty, vivacity and magnificence of the building itself, there is something in it that lets you imbibe the vibe of being present in the Burj Khalifa; it is the observation deck. At 555 meters on level 148 of the building, it has the highest observation deck in the world. You can get an unbeatable 360 degree view of the city, the skyline around the city, the desert and the gulf at the top Burj Khalifa. However, it is not the only observation deck. There are many of them in the lower levels too such as in levels 124 and 125. In fact, the one in level 125 is the most spacious one. 

An Enchanting Landmark in Downtown Dubai!
The location of Burj Khalifa is simple - Downtown Dubai, next to the Dubai Mall, another landmark in Dubai’s city scape. Take a walk through the mall, and you can get to the entrance to Lower Ground Floor of Burj Khalifa. A taxi ride to the entrance is permitted only for the residents of Burj Khalifa, the guests putting up at Armani Hotel, or those with a reserved ticket at At.Mosphere restaurant.

Dubai is well connected by air to almost all the big cities of the world. There are so many flights operating from so many different airports around the world that you can almost choose your fare, albeit there is a lower limit to it.

Staying in Dubai is not at all a costly affair. You can get hotels starting at slightly above 100 Dirham per day to moderately priced ones at about 200 Dirham to 300 Dirham per day for a double bed room. Off course, there are hotels for the uber rich too such as the Armani hotel in Burj Khalifa itself.

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