Enjoy Time at Aston Tanjungpinang Hotel

-Where is Tanjungpinang? Tanjungpinang is still part of Bintan Island, Riau Islands. Even though this Tanjungpinang City is not large, this city is the capital of the Riau Islands. The community hopes that the development of this Gurindam city will be even faster, when this city became the capital. However, I will not discuss the history of the city of Tanjungpinang, but enjoy a staycation at the Aston Tanjungpinang Hotel.


Enjoy Time at Aston Tanjungpinang Hotel

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, those of you who like traveling will definitely feel heavy. Because, there are many challenges and fears when exposed to corona. Although the bacteria or covid-19 virus is not visible, there is already a lot of clear evidence of people being affected. For those who are physically strong, of course they can be covered and recovered, but if you have a history of disease and immunity, this virus is very scary! So it is a wise step, not to travel out of town. Apart from protecting themselves, they also maintain the safety of many people. So, it is wise to make decisions by staying at home. Even though you want a vacation to Bali.


 Bored? Of course, you and I must be bored, right! So, to overcome this boredom. I tried to book or book hotels in Tanjungpinang City. Previously, I had stayed at the Comfort Hotel which is now the name Comforta for five days. Now, I'm trying to stay at Aston for just two days. Yes, not bad for getting rid of boredom and getting inspired! The location of this Aston Tanjungpinang hotel is in Batu 14 towards the Kijang direction. The map is at the bottom of the article.

Is it safe to stay during the Covid-19 pandemic?

To be honest, there was a fear of staying overnight during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, you can ensure that the hotel procedures have implemented the protocol system that has been established by the GOVERNMENT. Well, sure enough, once you entered the hotel lobby. There is a security guard on duty to check body temperature and also rules or regulations regarding the use of masks; and prepare hand sanitizers to clean hands from germs.


The receptionist position at the Hotel Aston did not change, immediately checked in. The problem is that you have booked a hotel using AGODA, but friends can also book using BOOKING.COM. Well, you can see directly by clicking the link in the article. Standard process of submitting ID Card and proof of booking. After that get the room key.


 Well, the hotel staff said that you shouldn't use the elevator, because of covid-19. Even hotel facilities such as GYM were not opened for this hotel, unlike the previous hotel where I stayed. Even so, it's o.k; we can still use the swimming pool; as long as it's not crowded. If it is crowded, the swimming pool can be closed at the hotel. Even the anticipation of Aston hotels related to Covid-19. They don't open every room on the floor. Thus, only one or two floors were opened. So, they take turns sterilizing to prevent the corona virus from entering. So, you can be sure it is SAFE to stay at a hotel during a pandemic, as long as the hotel implements a health protocol.


 There are several room options for this Aston Tanjungpinang hotel, namely:

Studio Room

Superior Room

Deluxe Room

Premier Room

Junior Suite

Presidential Suite


This time I tried to stay in the Premier Room, because I had previously stayed in a Deluxe Room. What's the Premier Room like? Aston Tanjungpinang Hotel is indeed a hotel that applies international standards, thus providing high quality facilities. Thus, a quote from the official website of this Aston hotel. They apply contemporary designs to suit your lifestyle and make you feel comfortable.



Well, this Premier Room is indeed different from the Deluxe one. The reason is, it can be seen from a comfortable work desk and a sofa to relax in. Honestly, I feel comfortable and the INTERNET connection is pretty good. Suitable for me who work on mobile and need an O.K network so that my work can be done properly! Unfortunately, my room is a connecting room with other rooms. So that the noise in the room, especially in the morning is very annoying! In fact, I always work until midnight. Usually, I wake up always after 7 or 8 in the morning.


Due to the sound of noisy children watching this tik tok really disturbing my sleep time. Because at 5 in the morning they were already noisy until 8 o'clock. I banged on the wall of the room connected to them twice, so that their parents would know if the noise disturbed other residents.


 Fortunately, BREAKFAST at Aston Tanjungpinang hotel is always the best, especially for bakeries. There is no match when it comes to the breakfast menu here. Is there a difference before and after the Covid-19 pandemic? Yups, there's a difference. Their safety protocol, I admit is solid. Usually hotel guests will take the food freely using their own hands. Well, this time, each food stand is accompanied by hotel staff to serve hotel guests to take food. They use masks and gloves, making it hygienic and safe for hotel guests to eat food without fear.

Well, this is my experience staying at the Aston Tanjungpinang hotel during the covid-19 period. Regarding the complete hotel review, you can listen to it, read it on the Jejakcantik.com blog. In your opinion, are you ready to take a trip or vacation in this covid-19 period? What kind of hotel comfort and security do you expect to minimize the fear of staying at a hotel during a corona like this?


Aston Tanjungpinang Hotel Facilities

Swimming pool


Meeting Room

Verbena Café Resturan



Based Experience Butterfly Traveler

How is the Service?

Slow so I give 2 stars

How is the Taste Food?

The breakfast is really delicious, so I give it 5 stars

How about Variants Food?

Very much, so I love it and I give it 4


Do you Recommend this place?


Would you back again?


How is the design a restaurant

I just can say very comfortable and friendly staff



Aston Tanjungpinang Hotel

Jalan Adi Sucipto No. KM 11 Batu IX

Kec. East Tanjungpinang






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