Holidays When Pandemic, Why Not!

 Holidays When Pandemic, Why Not!  It’s ok when you feel bored at home, and you can't take a vacation for almost a year. Even though there is a chance to fly, but you doubt it because the covid-19 suspect is getting higher! No worry, friend, because we are on the same server. I also feel tired and bored. In fact, your mind can get confused because you feel pressured by these various Covid problems. There are many businesses that have stalled because of Covid. However, some of us are also lucky that the company has no impact.


What do you think about vacation?

Who doesn't want to fly and vacation out of town? Of course everyone wants that. However, some of us still not doing that, because there are many reasons. We are talking about our members at home, which about the parents at home, and even the children. So you don't want to run the risk of your family getting covid.


Because, covid is like dust that is invisible but real. In fact, there have been many cases and victims from close friends who have tested and get the result positive. There are those who survive and some have to say good bye to this world. Sad is indeed related to corona, but that does not mean that will make us feel worried all the time. Well, some friends have also been lucky to get this injection of the covid vaccine; although, honestly, I still haven't gotten the shot myself.


 This is because they prioritize health workers, civil servants, as well as teachers and media workers. After that it was the elderly, currently traders. As for the public? I don't know when you can get it! For those who haven't gotten the vaccine, don't worry! Friends can enjoy time and vacation at a friend's place of residence.


How to Vacation Without Worry

Holidays with anxious feelings, of course, are not fun, am I right? There are several ways that you can still enjoy your vacation time, without worrying! You do this by looking at vacation time and also maintaining health and the protocol of the government. It has implemented in a conscientious manner.


Use a mask, indeed wearing a mask all the time is really annoying! Honestly, sometimes you like to experience shortness of breath, if your mouth and nose are kept on the mask cover. However, it aims to protect yourself from germs. So, it's ok. Choose a good mask and use it the right way. When eating, keep the mask in a closed place. However, make sure before removing the mask, hands must be clean first.


Always carry a hand sanitizer, I have always brought hand sanitizer but I never used it all the time like now. Every time you accidentally hold a public object, you definitely don't forget to use a hand sanitizer, so it's like being paranoid, but for the sake of health why not! So, always carry two types of hand sanitizers, namely spray and gel. I usually spray on the bench or the parts that I want to use. As for the gel, I use it to clean my hands. Understandably, if everything runs out, it can run out quickly. Because spray here and there!


Wet Tissue, this is always the case when you go to the mall. This is to clean the toilet. Wet tissue is also useful during a pandemic like this. We can use it to clean hands after using a hand sanitizer, while eating. If at a place to eat, friends feel uncomfortable or feel uncomfortable washing or cleaning their hands using this water.


Well, this is a weapon that must be used and carried on vacation. Then, choose a time. Usually the weekend is always crowded everywhere. So, way of the time not on the weekends! So, choose a time on the weekday! It doesn't matter right? Because there are certain days, where friends can work from home. Well, this time can be used for a moment for a vacation such as going to nature, a tourist spot that can be used all day while paying attention to work right?


At least changing the workplace in nature, it can also reduce stress. Happy family, friends also feel happy because they can enjoy nature. Nature has magical powers that can repel boredom and stress. So, there is no need to worry about other negative things.


If friends choose a vacation spot without a restaurant, friends can bring their own supplies. This is not only safe but also hygienic. So that the feeling of worry can be reduced. Enjoy, live.


Safe vacation spot suggestions

Staycations at hotels are also a place that is in great demand. This is to reduce boredom and boredom at home. At least a staycation makes us get out of the house and get a different situation, both environment and atmosphere.


Beach, yes the beach has many health benefits and is safe. Because, nature. Every now and then there's nothing wrong with going to nature with your family during a pandemic like this. However, make sure the destination is not too crowded. This is to prevent something unwanted from happening.


So, according to friends, are friends still afraid to go on holiday during a pandemic?


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Be traveler as the way you are


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