Explore Bandung 4 Days, Where to Go?

Explore Bandung 4 Days, Where to Go?

AsiaButterflyTraveler.com- Even though there is a desire for a vacation to Bandung next month. However, considering the fact that COVID-19 is still getting worse in Indonesia, the desire to go on vacation to Bandung was forced to be put on hold. If you go on vacation to Bandung for 4 days, where do you like it? Have you ever thought about it, if you have the opportunity to go on vacation to Bandung for four days, where do you want to go and how do you want to arrange the schedule?

For me, in 2014 when I was traveling to Bandung alone, it was fun to try the experience of being a solo traveler. In fact, I've never had the experience of traveling alone. Apparently, Bandung is very broad and you have to be good at managing schedules and locations of places you want to visit. An important note, when we go to Bandung and do not rent a vehicle or travel and only use public transportation. You need to pay attention to the time, because at 5 o'clock there is no city transportation operating. Although there are, not all locations exist.

Well, based on that experience, choose a place to stay in the city or a place that is easily accessible by public transportation. On the first day of arriving in Bandung, I prefer to stay around the Bandung square. The reason is so that exploring Bandung square is easy and practical.

What's going on in Bandung Square?

You can visit Bandung square, why? because the Bandung square is a large green field and even has synthetic grass so it is comfortable to step on the grass barefoot.

Great Mosque of Bandung

Well, for you are Muslim or non-Muslim, you can also take pictures in the courtyard of the Great Mosque of Bandung. The building of this mosque is very interesting with the dome painted in golden color and the two minarets towering on each side. In fact, friends can pay for a ticket to be in the tower and see the beauty of the square from the top of the tower.

Asian-African memory

Honestly, I really enjoy exploring Jalan Asia-Afrika besides this location being a witness to history; there are still many buildings that were textured in the Dutch colonial era. If you don't arrive in Bandung on Monday, you can visit the KAA museum. This museum has a large collection of photo objects related to KAA activities.

Well, the location of the square can be traced in just one day. Of course, don't forget to try the culinary delights in the square, as well as the locations on Jalan Braga!

Day 2

As for the second day, you can visit Kawah Putih! When going to Kawah Putih, if you rent a car or use travel. Don't forget to visit Situ Patenggang, now this location is a tourist lake that surrounds with tea garden. When visiting Kawah Putih, unfortunately, I didn't have time to stop by here, because it was raining, and it was difficult to find transportation.

Don't forget also Ranca Upas which is a deer breeding place, campground, play area, and protected forest. It's not perfect if you visit Bandung, don't stop by a strawberry plantation. Because, there are a lot of strawberries in the Bandung area. Wiw, I want to explore Bandung again. Be patient, it's still a pandemic hahaha. Hopefully, when you visit there, the weather conditions in Bandung are not cloudy!

Day 3

Well, of course, different locations will be explored. At that time, I managed to leave traces in three places when the main goal was Tangkuban Perahu. I had the opportunity to see Bosscha, wow, I swear it's so cool. Even enjoying hot springs, after being tired of exploring Tangkuban Perahu.

Last day while in Bandung, don't forget to visit Dago area and also if you have time; you can see waterfalls in the Dago area. Oh my, it's really fun and exciting! Bandung is really a cool and refreshing city for sure. After enjoying your time in Bandung, your body and mind will be refreshed. I love to discovery Bandung. That is just some part of Bandung, Bandung is biggest to explore magic of nature. You will love to explore every spots tourism in Bandung. Would you go there?  

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