Short Guide Book: Travel Jakarta to Bandung 1

Chapter I

Introduce of Indonesia Do you know Indonesia? Some people just know Indonesia is Bali only. Actually Indonesia, Southeast Asia has many destinations to enjoy nature, culture, shopping, and of course culinary. Who doesn’t like to enjoy culinary, culture, and nature? Of course, everyone has the imagination to spend holidays in the world. Traveling is the desire to explore the journey of life. 

Talking about traveling? Try to visit Indonesia. Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, has thousands of islands. It encompasses 34 provinces. Many islands have many different cultures and traditions. It is influenced by Indian, Arabic, Chinese, and European sources. It's a long time ago, but you can see the architecture and also the food. 

Most Indonesian (Indonesian people) speak in Bahasa Indonesia but some villages (islands) have local language in every part and different dialects. The famous local language is Java, in fact, a few tourists are interested to learn Bahasa Jawa (Java language). Some people in Indonesia also can speak English and it is widely understood particularly in Jakarta, Bali, and other major cities. So, don’t worry about the language if you want to holiday in Indonesia. 

About the Climate, Indonesia has a tropical climate with just two seasons. That is dry (summer) and wet (rainy season). The dry season starts in April until October and Wet season in November until March. But it is not possible to travel in the monsoon season. That is from November and March. The rainfall is heaviest between November and February. In most of the islands, there’s little difference between the rain and summer, with temperatures averaging 25C-30C all year round. The best time to travel in Indonesia is from April until September if you want to look at some islands in Indonesia. The biggest islands in Indonesia are Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya Island. The famous islands or tourism place to visit in Indonesia are Java Island (Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Probolinggo (Bromo mountain), Malang) Kalimantan island (Balikpapan, Derawan, Pontianak), Sulawesi Island (Manado, Makassar, Wakatobi, Toraja), Bali Island, Lombok, Sumbawa and many more.

Can you imagine? What it is like. But this book just discusses some part destinations in Indonesia, only in some parts of East Java, Lombok, and Bali. You will never feel sorry to visit Indonesia as your next destination to holiday here. Different cultures, rich in nature and kind people will make your adventure worth it and special.

Let’s start in Jakarta if you want to go to Bandung. You can use a flight, bus, rental car, travel car, taxi or train. 

How to get a train ticket?

That is simple, you can buy online on the website train or you can go to the train locket; but the Best part is you can get the train ticket in one of the many Indomaret branches, which is much quicker than getting it at the train station. Don’t worry you can book the ticket for a long time but you should pay on that day. If you already have a plan and fix it, you can book it, if you go in peak season better you book the ticket first, to incase you get all it in time with your schedule.

#Section 1 Choose the date and your location this time and your destination plus how many friends are with you if just you put the one only

Note Indonesia to English

Tanggal                : Date    

Stasiun Tujuan  : Your destination

Stasiun Asal : Your place    

Dewasa             : Adult

#Section 2 chooses the time, the train and also the class, do you want. If you already get what’s time and the nice price then click booking 

Just put the date when you want to go; then put your place this time, for example, Jakarta; Then put your destination, for example, Bandung and adult are mean how many people will go with you, if you are alone then just put one then click Tampilkan (show) after that just click ok and fill your data should same with your passport and then pay to the Bank or Indomaret.

#Section 3 fill all the data correctly because the name should full name from the ID Card. Including the ID Card number should be right when filling it because it will check before checking in the train station gate. The officer will check the ticket name and also the ID Card. The ID card can be a passport from an overseas passenger.

Nama                       : Name

ID (KTP, SIM, or Passport): ID card you can use passport number

Nama (name); Email; No Telp (Phone Number); and Alamat (address), all you should fill it, make sure everything is correct then click lanjut/selanjutnya (continue)

#Section 4 then clicks the way you want to pay. After that click selanjutnya (continue). Open the email to look at the code and then go to the bank or Indomaret (one of the branch shops 24 hours away) to pay the ticket you have already booked. The time just limits 1, 5 hours after booking the ticket.

For your travel planning: Best to get the train ticket in one of the many Indomaret branches, which is much quicker than getting it at the train station.

When is peak season in Indonesia? 

Indonesia's peak season has two alternatives for the locals and tourists from overseas. But generally in Indonesia peak seasons are December, Idul Fitri (Muslim celebrate), and school holidays around July-August.  For the oversea tourist October until January

What is the best time to visit Indonesia?

☺☺☺ Best time to travel

☺☺    Good time to travel

  OK to travel but maybe some other factors to be aware of


Best to Travel

Location to Travel
































January - April

Indonesia is firmly in its wet season and it is the start of the year. There will be quite heavy rainfall yet temperatures will be warm (around 30°Cs) across the country.

May - September

Long day sunshine and no rain make this an excellent time to visit all of Indonesia. The beaches are sun-drenched, the mountains are crisp and dry and skies will be clear across the country; the perfect summer holiday destination.

October - December

October will see the slow return of the wet season, although there are still some pockets of excellent weather. The monsoon starts fully in December, so there is still dry sunshine to be enjoyed at the start of the winter months.

Season in Indonesia

The season in Indonesia has just two seasons. It is the dry season and rainy season.

Dry season: June to October

Rainy season: November to March

Be traveler as the way you are


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