Try to Eat Prata in Tanjungpinang’s already long time, I want to try eating prata at Prata Boy in Tanjungpinang city. I never find the right time to go there. One day, finally I decided to try food in Prata Roy. I still remember, it’s noon time after going to bank.

The Prata Roy is already open, but it’s still not many customers. I decided to try seat in the second floors. I am waiting long time before the waiter come and offer the menu. I am trying to eat Egg Prata and Chicken Prata as I remember the price is start around Rp12,000. Perhaps, I will visit this place again to make video about the chef cook the prata. Actually, my desire come to this restaurant because I want to try Prata Tisu but I am not lucky, because that special menu only available in the evening time or around 05.00 pm.


That’s O.K because I also never try prata in this place. Some people suggestion if you want to try this prata is good or not; you should try plain prata. Note! Maybe next time, I will try plain prata in this place. This prata bread is cooked quite well. You can see from the texture and color. It’s quite brown. A prata serves with two kinds of soup as curry and sour vinegar.

The prata bread maturity is just right. Prata Bread at Prata Boy is given two kinds of soup namely curry and sour vinegar. The curry is taste good, but I am prepared sour vinegar. It’s like eat martabak. One of kind snack in Indonesia. You can find it anywhere, you holiday in Indonesia.

Let’s talk about the menu. Even this place named Prata Roy, but in this place you can find variants food. The most is prata, of course. Prata has variants as sardines, meat, chicken, egg and plain. The unique menu is prata tissue and boom but when the first time I visited that place. I am not lucky.

This place also offer grilled cheese banana, kampung fried rice, Rawon rice, chicken Soto, pataya fried rice, chicken satay and MTG eggs. When you read this menu, which one do you prepare to try? Would you suggestion me which I should order in the next visit this restaurant?

Some people ask about the service in this place. Honestly, this is slow service, but you can wait the food while chatting. They offer free WiFi. So you will not bore while waiting the food. How about the design in this restaurant? The first floor is normal like waroeng, but the second floors look wide. Perhaps, the first floor because it already kitchen and cashier in the down stairs.  


Many restaurants offer prata for their menu. One is RM. Papadan, next time I will tell you about this place. Do you ever eat prata? What do you think? Let’s share your experience while eat prata and I would love to hear about it. Which one your favorite restaurant and taste? 
Based Experience Butterfly Traveler
How is the Service?
Slow so I give 2 stars
How is the Taste Food?
Good so I give 3.5 stars
How about Variants Food?
A lot so I give 4.5 stars
Do you Recommend this place?
Would you back again?
How is the design a restaurant
Standard and I prepare eat in the second floors

Address Prata Roy Tanjungpinang
Jl. D.I. Panjaitan No. 11, Batu IX, Tanjungpinang Timur,
Batu IX, Kec. Tanjungpinang Tim., Kota Tanjung Pinang, Kepulauan Riau 29125
Contact Number: 0821-7122-1010
Open and close


The Map Prata Restaurant in Tanjungpinang


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