How to be Travel Blogger Is it wrong to have dream to be a successful and famous person? Certainly it is not wrong, if there is a way to make your dream come true. Chase dreams, achieve all desires. I never wanted to have a lot of blogs, even up to six blogs with NICHE almost similar each other blogs. In fact, it has ruins more discuss about traveling. There is no desire to become a travel blogger. A heavy burden, because I have to have lots of money to travel. I even accidentally met with a famous Travel Blogger in Indonesia whose name is no doubt that Madam Katherin. 

How to Compare yourself
We are discussing matters relating to blogs only. The thing is, when it comes to comparing business there are a lot of things. So, just divided to according to the theme this time. Someone must be able to determine who and what they want to be; especially bloggers. Usually in the world of blogs divided into several categories that are widely chosen, namely Travel Blogger, Food Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Healthy Blogger. Well, now there are even hodgepodge blogs that are hidden in the Lifestyle Blogger category. In fact, I also have a blog this complicated articles hahaha. Look at my profile if I'm curious.
Build Trust

How could if someone be comparing himself if his figure was not confident. Yet in comparing ourselves it is very important to build the trust of other people towards us. If, we are moody, not passionate but our blog is about inspiring stories! Will the readers trust friends?
Building the trust of others can be through our daily habits, the contents of our blog can reflect who we are when writing things related to personal life. So building trust is not easy. However, nothing is impossible. It's not all famous writers and bloggers used to be nobody and are now famous and trusted!
Especially for Blogger Travel, readers trust what we write. Long story short, when a friend travels to Malaysia and this is the first time a friend wants a vacation there. Surely, friends will look for recommendations and references; who is the first person or top 10 lists that friends will ask? Certainly,  people who have been there for a vacation, of course. Even when we are searching on a blog and friends have a few friends who discuss about Malasyia or Singapore for example, surely friends will read various articles to consider in planning; am I right?
Well, trust articles for travel bloggers are very important. The best articles to travel blog are based on the experience. If you stay in hotel but the hotel is not good like what you expected about the room, food and location. You can write that experience on your blog. Can you imagine, you written good about that hotel but in fact this place is not good. Would your reader will believe you again. The honest article is very important for travel blogger. 
Provide detailed information, although it takes a long time to summarize in a short article. However, building trust in blog readers is like that. They want to get what information can be taken in a review. Not just the experience of friends staying at the inn. Although, the contents of the blog are mostly experience journals while on vacation. The problem is it's still not clear specification this blog will be taken where. Although, all the reviews are bout holidays based on my experience.
The focus of what is the goal is important. Do not get in the middle of the road to change direction. Because, comparing ourselves, for example, becoming a travel blogger figure is not as easy as talking or writing in an article, Hi, I want to introduce myself, I am Travel Blogger. No, comparing yourself is not only introducing who we are, but about what is in our writing must be in accordance with the character we build. So it's not necessarily easy, because it needs to be consistent.

The most difficult is comparing blogger LIFESTYLE, because there is no clear specification. It is different if the niche blog is the same, which is consistently related to a related theme; like a common thread that blends with one another. Likewise, the blog only discusses traveling, the contents of which are certainly related to lodging, travel, transportation and even food. Don't leave the theme! Although outside of the theme, there must be a common thread that connects with this niche blog that has the symbol of Butterfly.

Decide on a Friend's Appearance
Comparing yourself, especially personal; The first thing to do is determine your friend's appearance. The figure, Katherine was famous for fashionable and casual clothes. The figure of the Facebook owner is famous for casual clothes and even just the color. Well, now also the owner of the blog is trying to determine the style of clothing. It's not possible right, clothes just hit in the closet. Slowly want to change your relaxed, but attractive appearance. In fact, there is a desire to "logo" on clothes as written the name of the blog on the back of the clothes; this also includes comparing yourself and at the same time promoting a blog so that many people are curious; open the blog accidentally because they wonder and want to know about who you are.
Travel Blogger is not free

Many people think, it's good to be a blogger; FREE all can be obtained from lodging, meals, transportation. Is it true? Certainly, this is not true! When they compare themselves as Travel Blogger, they incur their own costs for transportation, lodging and even food. Once, a blogger friend in one community said "How I can fill my content every day. I just stay at the hotel every weekend and sometimes I should pay my own bill for hotel. I did it just for content. "

Comparing yourself as a Travel Blogger all costs a lot of money and even time. Although the contents of the blog are still around your residence; for example you stay in Batam, so your contents mostly about Batam. However, the cost to stay at a hotel does use it as your own costs, of course the coast is greater right? So, don't look at the success of those who have been invited by some hotel management to write a review. Before reaching that point, their sacrifice and struggle was not easy! Because, being a blogger figure is not just expecting free, but professionalism that is demanded both personal funds and in the future can get a job or project in writing hotel reviews based on personal experience staying.

Building Networking

To get a chance of being "exposed;" a relationship is needed instead of KKN you know. Relationships or can be called networking. We cannot build a building alone, because we need other people's energy to build a beautiful building. Likewise, this sentence is very close in comparing ourselves. We are nobody, if we don't have many friends. It's easier to find enemies, than friends! That's right, so get up and join the community to build networking.

Several times the opportunity to stay in a five-star hotel without pay; even invited to travel to Malaysia with accommodation in charge; while transportation costs are not covered. Of course, without friendship from various parties. They do not know who we are. In fact, I've also been lucky enough to get an invitation because they read my blog; so invited to their event to be written on the blog. Well, all that requires a process. A blogger is not just able to write it, but also must know a little SEO techniques. Although, I myself still don't understand 10 percent of the contents of SEO techniques to improve writing in search engines. However, demands require one to study; not only for Travel Blogger, but also Food Blogger, Beauty Blogger. However, it is a bit confused if the blogger lifestyle (because the discussion is too broad in a blog eh many kinds).

So, many things you should do to be Travel Blogger and the result if you are focus to one goal short or long; it will get the result. As long as you never give up to make your dream come true.

Be traveler as the way you are


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