Stay at Omar Homestay in Mersing City I can’t wait to say, “Yippiew, finally holiday!” Honestly, I can’t wait to explore; because of corona virus, I should stay at home. However, this time I want o share my experience while I vacation to Tioman Island, Malaysia. This is an old story that happened in 2017 and is still remind every detail. So, I want to make this memory forever in my journal blog here.

holiday to mersing city Malaysia

It started with a friend of the whatsapp couchsurfing group who is a Malaysian citizen. Well, coincidentally at that time I wanted a vacation to a different place. Until the short story begin, I was introduced to one of the owners of the Radio in Kampoeng Mukut, Mr. Ismi. Then, I communicated with him. Suddenly, he was invited me to holiday and also volunteer there. So, I grab this opportunity. I think when I will do this again holiday and also doing social activities there. It’s not wrong to do something different.


Before D-day, in October 2017; an old friend suddenly contacted me. Then, I told her my plans to go to Tioman Island. Well, this friend of mine, let's called her Madam Ve. She has never heard that name of island in Malaysia! I also knew it from a friend in Malaysia. Time is fly, I take my confidence to go to stranger city and island. My friend and I crossed to Malaysia by boat from the Ferry boat Sri Bintan Pura, Tanjungpinang to Situlang Laut port of Malaysia.


I need time around 5 hours to arrive in Malaysia. Many plans so, I accidentally took the ferry boat is early schedule. Although the face is still weak, sleepy eyes; the spirit with new CHALLENGE make me get good spirit and full of energy.


Trouble in Immigration Malaysia Before going in Mersing City


Once you arrive in the State of Malaysia, surely you must queue and get a STAMP in order to enter this country. For some reason, my passport has a little problem. Fortunately, the full event DRAMA and a long time in the immigration room, because of my passport, there is an unreadable stamp. Until in the end, I explained briefly and with the available evidence. By default, I went to Malaysia, which was purely TRAVELING and not being an illegal worker. Finally, armed with the itinerary notes I showed. I also got approved to explore the new place.

In fact the staff of immigration is kind. He suggested to try to go to several islands in Tioman Island. Alright, before continuing my story trip to Tioman Island.; I want to give you little information about this place. Well, you know, Riau Islands consists of various islands. In one island, there are many others. Likewise with Tioman Island either. If I'm not mistaken at MAP; Tioman Island is the closest to Anambas Island which is in the Riau Islands Province.


 The journey continues towards the Larkin terminal, Johor Bharu. From Situlang Laut to Larkin terminal, it takes around 10 minutes; depending on traffic conditions. Try to use the meter, ok? Because Malaysian taxis all use metered. So, there is no such thing as a bargain. Even if there were, the fall must have been tricked.

The trip to Mersing City is quite a distance; takes about three hours. Well, it's not bad to sleep because of lack of sleep before traveling. However, what is planned is not necessarily in accordance with reality. Who is there, I can't fall asleep! Because, this is my first time to adventure Mersing City. There were not as many passengers, when I went to Kuala Lumpur. As a result, this drama queen could not sleep and also wonder about this place. Be advised, my travel companion is also not a traveler. So, this is like the story of two blind people who want to know the shape of an elephant. Where, each person holds an elephant's body and thinks what he is holding is the TRUE.


Back to story, finally the short and long journey ended. This Mersing city bus terminal is really like a grave. My friend and I did not know whether to walk or take a taxi. However, what I knew before the cellphone "couldn't work" was that my lodging location was not far from the port in Mersing City. Well, in Mersing City has two ports. Fortunately, I had time to read before going to bed last night. So, I didn't get scammed this time! It is also quite stray looking for lodging that has been booked via Agoda.


Don't Judge Book under cover! Isn't this proverb really true? However, I want to be honest, I am feeling tired due to traveling from dawn until this afternoon. Really making me helpless! Eh, Finally, I found the hostel I already booked on the website; but I changed my mind; because the location on the 3rd floor and very far, dark and narrow stairs provided. Automatically, the drama queen inside reacts again! Never mind, it's okay to waste money! Continue, look for other lodging.


Omar Homestay in Mersing City


Several times back and forth when looking for lodging that I booked; my eyes always look at this one of homestay. It called omar homestay! I tried to find information out this homestay. The owner is of Indian descent; this place has 5 rooms. In one room there has 4 bunk beds, two bunk beds and several other things. While the bathroom sharing.


The price of lodging is very affordable. Suitable for those of us who backpacker or who want a vacation to save money on lodging. So, I am paying and just the two of us residents of this homestay. We also take a rest, take a shower and surely don't waste our time on lazing around. I did not know when I will be back again to visit this place. So, I should wise to use my time here. We take a walk to see some of the things that exist in the City of Mersing on foot.


Well, more complete adventure in the City of Mersing can be read on the blog Only if how to stay at this Omar Homestay. I'll tell you, it's really scary! The reason is, humans (I used to type like this) always feel alert and excessive fear. Apart from being afraid of "evil humans"; more frightening fear caused by the shadow of yourself.


 The location of this Omar inn is on the highway. No wonder this place is not many guest books at this inn. Maybe, they are just people who are desperate and don't know anything. If at this inn, every night it will be difficult to sleep! The sound of vehicles and footsteps will sound scary; as if ruining our deep sleep. As a result, I could not sleep and my friend who was tired and indeed the most easy to fall asleep made me jealous.

Tips for Cleaning People Who Stay at Cheap Lodging

To be honest, I'm not a miss super cleaner; but I always prepare everything well before traveling. Especially, when I decided to minimal budget traveling, every time you travel on a low budget; I never forget to bring SLEEPING BAG to me! At least this is more secure than using a bed; Even though the sheets were given, they felt less clean. Using a sleeping bag is the best way to avoid unwanted things.


If the holidays are long and don't want to carry heavy things. Buy a towel that is light and easily dries. If funds are insufficient! I'll give you my secret tips. I always carry two beach cloths. Well, I'll make this a towel. Because the beach cloth is lightweight, quickly absorbed and easily dries. In addition, bring a portable hanger, making it easy to hang clothes when swimming or snorkeling. Of course, this portable hanger is very useful at every opportunity. Easy and lightweight for sure!


If asked, do you still want to stay at the Omar Inn, while on vacation to Tioman Island? The answer is still YES. Depending on the funds owned, the problem is going to Tioman Island does not require a small fee; we have to pay twice sea port tax and also tax for coral reefs. Whatever it is, when it only needs a place to sleep for a moment and wake up at dawn to catch a ferry to Tioman Island; Omar lodging can be an alternative for backpackers like me!


Be traveler as the way you are


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