Vacation to Batam in Nagoya Only!

 Vacation to Batam in Nagoya Only!'s okay for people who live in Tanjungpinang to have a vacation in Batam, even if it's only for a day. However, it's quite tiring to ride the boat for less than an hour, and sometimes the waves are really strong. After that, you have to take a taxi or bus way to your destination. Since we were with kids, we took a taxi to Nagoya.


Some time ago, I went to Batam to stay at Planet Holiday. This time, I want to try staying around the Nagoya Hill Mall; because the intention is only for window shopping and just a walk in this one Mall. Let's be practical and don't have to take a taxi if you want to go to this mall.


Usually, we like to stay at the Amaris Hotel. Due to a large number of people, we ordered three rooms. So, we tried to book a cheap hotel around 200,000 a night. The hotel is close to the entrance of Nagoya Hill Mall. Forgot the name of the hotel, if I'm not mistaken under OYO. There are two hotel names that are somewhat similar. Well, at that time, reading hotel reviews there was an elevator. So, we ordered. The reason is, all the way around also took Mama Ari back to Banjarmasin.


The plane went through Batam, so we decided to take a day out in Batam. Moreover, Nagoya Hill is really a wide mall and everything is there.


Fun at Nogaya Hill

When they first arrived, the children were already busy going to the mall. Yes, they really like going to the mall. Who doesn't like to wash their eyes at the mall? However, due to fatigue on the ship and having to wait a long time, because the ship had arrived, it was already running. Finally, have to wait first. Since it was corona time, so we had to wait an hour to get the next ship.


So, once you get to the hotel; we had to lift things up to the 3rd floor. Because the room was on the 3rd floor. We had to go upstairs with a lot of stuff. It's also not bad when you lift things up to the 3rd floor. So, sleeping on a soft mattress and the cool air of the air conditioner makes tiredness go away.


I want to stay lazy for a long time, but my stomach says otherwise. Hunger, finally let's explore the mall. The atmosphere of the mall at that time was quite crowded. Moreover, finding a restaurant that is right, tasty and not crowded with visitors is quite difficult. Until finally, it fell on the choice of a restaurant that served fresh drinks.


We ordered food and drinks at the restaurant on the 4th floor. Indeed, on the floor on the cinema floor, there are lots of restaurant choices and almost all of the menus offered are the same. So, since I haven't been to Nagoya Hill for a long time, I'm pretty confused about what to eat hahaha.


After eating, take a walk to the mall, and shop for souvenirs to bring to Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. In Nagoya Hill, there are many delicious chocolate sellers, ranging from Singaporean to Turkish chocolate. In fact, various perfumes are also abundant, plus they are cheap. The smell is also very good, suitable for souvenirs. Wow, fun to wholesale chocolate and perfume while at Nogaya Hill. Really, I can't believe it, all of a sudden the mall is about to close.


Keep going, refresh your tired legs and body after going to the mall with a full body massage. The prices they offer vary from IDR 90,000 per hour to two hours packages for only IDR 150,0000. Is it fun?

Be traveler as the way you are


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