Eat Korean Ramen at Seoul Café Tanjungpinang

Eat Korean Ramen at Seoul Café Tanjungpinang now, Korean dramas are booming again, I think since corona; watching Korean or Japanese dramas as entertainment will make us happy. Talking about drama, sometimes it can't be separated from culinary. The reason, of course, there is a scene related to food. Koarea's menu also varies in Indonesia and some of them get viral. However, the most in-demand is Mi Ramyeon (Ramyeon Noodles).


Indeed, it is not wrong, most Indonesian people, can not be separated from the name of Noodles. It's no wonder that Ramyeon noodles are a mainstay of the menu in restaurants related Korean menus. Do you know what Ramyeon is? Ramyeon is the Korean version of Japanese instant ramen. In Japan, ramen can be instant or fresh, but in Korea, ramyeon is always instant. The ramyeon package comes with instructions on how to cook it, but I think the way to cook it is much better, and also uses some simple fresh ingredients to make it even tastier.


Talking about ramyeon, I remember trying to eat ramyeon noodles at Jl Di Panjaitan, Batu IX Tanjungpinang. Initially, accidentally met this one restaurant. Because we really like to drink Avocado Shake in front of Bintan Fashion. So, just enjoying the Avocado Beat on the spot, our eyes began to see the situation and conditions around us.


Unexpectedly, my sister and I saw this place to eat, the name is Seoul Café. This place makes the concept of a place to eat Korean nuanced, especially for fans of K-pop. Although this place to eat is not big, it is comfortable too.


Once inside, you can feel the air conditioning. Shades of white dominate the walls and seating. We were immediately served, and given a menu book to choose from the menu sold at Seoul Café. Well, looking at the few food menus that are sold, they also provide a package menu for children such as Popcorn chicken, you only need to pay 35K, namely fried chicken, fried potatoes, and a mixture of stir-fried vegetables; Katshu Chicken is priced at 35K which is flour fried chicken, rice, sweet and sour sauce, vegetable salad, and sesame sauce.


The food is very diverse, so confused about which one to choose. The food at this Seoul Café includes Kimbab (rice seasoned with vegetables such as spinach, carrots, eggs, and Muji). Served rolled in seaweed. Now, there are two varieties of Kimbab, namely original or crispy with a choice of beef, chicken, tuna, vegetable, and so on menus, the price starts from 27K.


Then there is Ramyeon which is an authentic Korean instant noodle cooked with mushrooms, green onions, chilies, and eggs and served in a Korean golden pot. With a choice of spicy or no spicy, the price starts from 29K, and original, seafood and kimchi options are available. In addition, there are also Tiebokki, katsu, and so on.


The price of drinks starts at 15K, such as green tea, English breakfast, latte, mocha latte, chocolate, matcha latte, summer latte (latte with ice cream), soft drink, milks. Meanwhile, the price of juice starts at 22K for orange juice, green apple juice, mango juice, soursop juice, Jeju orange juice, and so on.


What Should We Eat at Seoul Café Tanjungpinang?

Since it was still not lunchtime, and at that time we just had breakfast. Late breakfast at Comforta Hotel, Then we also drank an avocado shake. So, we didn't order much food, only three kinds of food namely kimchi, ramyeon noodles, and kimbab.


Not bad waiting to be served took half an hour over about 30 minutes more. When we went to this cafe there were not many people after we ordered orders, a family came who also ate there. Not bad so it's not too quiet! How does the food taste?


Kimbab, yup, we ordered kimbab if I remember correctly the chicken. The taste is a little unique because it's my first time eating kimbab. South Korean food, like the name of this cafe in Indonesia, is right. Its shape, at first glance like sushi, is not it?


Kimbab, aka white rice, rolled with seaweed, where in the middle there is a choice, we happened to choose chicken, so there was chicken and then vegetables. It tastes like eating rice, but it's just a different shape. I can only eat one of the smallest rolls hahaha.


My sister really likes to eat kimchi, maybe because she's been in China for a long time, so she's used to eating pickled vegetables like kimchi. Usually, kimchi is fermented chicory vegetables, right. So the taste of this food is slightly sour, spicy, and also bitter. Plus the smell is "less delicious."


Honestly, I can't eat kimchi. Meanwhile, my sister eats very well. How about my order of ramyeon noodles? These noodles are served in a golden pot. The shape of the noodles is yellow curly, and the instant noodles are clearly visible. But this Seoul Café orders them directly from Korea. This noodle feels a little hard. Mixed with kimchi and other vegetables. Yes, for ramyeon noodle lovers, the broth is fresh!


Well, only three foods are tried, when eating at Seoul Café, which opens from 12.00 to 21.00 WIB. So, in your opinion, do you want to try eating at a café full of K Pop posters?



Based Experience Butterfly Traveler

How is the Service?

Not bad, I give 3.5 Stars

How is the Taste Food?

Good, so I give 3.5 Stars

How about Variants Food?

So many, so I give 4

Do you Recommend this place?


Would you back again?


How is the design a restaurant

Modern minimalist design, a combination of white with poster decorations. Very suitable for young people.


Address Prata Roy Tanjungpinang

Jl. D.I. Panjaitan Jl. Bintan Center No.10A,

 RT.4/RW.3, Air Raja, Kec. Tanjungpinang Timur 

 Number: 0853-6383-1688

Open and close 12.00-20.45 WIB



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