Grill Seafood and The Golden Light in Jimbaran Beach|Be Traveler-The sound of waves in the beach is never stop hear in my ears; when I am sitting in the beach. The blue sky in this time and windy make my hair mess but I still enjoy every moment on that time. I visit Jimbaran Beach in Bali, one of famous beach if you are holiday in Bali. This place is famous with the fresh seafood, most on the coast. Many restaurants offer the fresh seafood with variants price, let’s fly little bit with me such as butterfly who has short life but always enjoy every time when flying.

I go there from the Kuta area in Bali, it just need around 45 minutes if the traffic is not worse. Bali island never quiet, that is why sometimes so crowded with local tourist and international tourist; the only thing they visit Bali to enjoy paradise in earth. Bali is nice place to run away for a while from routine. Let’s set the mind freedom for awhile and enjoy every time Bali offer you relaxing and happy holiday with the nature and culinary.

One of this place, Jimbaran beach which this place is good for seafood; If you love to eat food such as fish, crabs, lobster, and anything which it from the sea. This is recommended. It’s not only the food but also the view. It’s like perfect time to enjoy early dinner during the sunset. It’s sound romantic with the nature; from the blue to the golden. What do you think? I bet you are like me. It’s sound perfect and juicy day hahaha. Oops, juicy because the waves call you to get wet during the sun light with the golden light full in the sky. 

Honestly, that is best moment in my life when I enjoy early dinner there. The food for the fresh fish or seafood, it cooks as the way you are request. You can choose the restaurant which one do you think the best. Sometimes, it’s difficult to get know what the coast offer the design. You can’t see it from in the front of restaurant. Actually, for myself as long as I get fresh fish and also the price is not pricely why not.

I arrive early around 4PM and take a seat in one restaurant on the beach. Before finding place to seat, I look the fish first, I find the fresh one, the most I love the red snapper to get BBQ original and separate spices. Then eat the BBQ fish with the chili. The best table is near the coast and you can feel the sand come to your sandal, if you are wearing sandal.

Waiting the food is ready; I love to get wet and bare foot on the sands and playing with the waves. What can I said the sunset is very beautiful. Usually, dining format in some restaurants are fire-grilled (bakar) seafood with your own choice of various fish, crab, squid, shrimp, lobster and other shellfish; local green vegetables steamed with garlic; rice or french fried potatoes, and local spicy sauces.  So, what are you waiting for, don’t you want to fly to get enjoy in the golden light between the high waves and “diamond” sands of Jimbaran beach. 





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