Free Access Beaches in Bintan Island Don’t you feel bore while just stay at home. Honestly, I already feel it for a long time, but if it good for us why not. While doing nothing a lot outside, I am opening my old photos and find some nice photos while I love traveling in place I stay, in Bintan Island. The most I love to taking photos in the beach. So, I decided to write the beaches you should visit while on holiday in Bintan Island.

Let me ask you, do you know where is Bintan Island? Most of you will answer I ever heard it but I don’t know where is it exactly. Bintan Island is part of Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. The location is not so far from Singapore.  That is why this place most Singapore tourism comes to Bintan Island. This island also has a special area that is called Lagoi. Most of this area has five stars hotel and resort.  How to get to Bintan island? You can fly from Jakarta to Tanjungpinang city (Part of Bintan Island).

These some beaches best of Asia ButterFly Traveler already visit and You will love to spend time in the beaches in Bintan Island. This best beach you must visit version that free access, that is mean you do not pay the ticket to entrance the beaches.

Trikora Beach
I can say Trikora beach is the longest beach in Bintan island because this beach has many variants name as Trikora beach 1 (one) until 5 (five). The most I love to get relaxing in Trikora beach in Trikora beach 3 (three). It has many rocks and also the sands beach so soft with a great view to look.  

In the season while you go to the Trikora beach, you can see many rows of fish traps. Local people said kelongs. That is houses on boats which the fishermen hang out the nets to catch anchovy (the small fishes group). I called Ikan Teri.  This kelong you will see in the several beaches in Trikora and that will be nice to take some photos on the background of kelong.


Location: Trikora, Kawal, Gunung Kijang, Bintan, Indonesia.

Sakera Beach

I love to see sunset on this beach. The sunset is always amazing to see in this area. This beach call Sakera beach.  Honestly, Sakera is the best choice to visit because this beach nice to visit. Where is this beach decorated with white sand and blue wave-less sea; This place is a perfect place to look at at the sunset, because of this beach located on the west side of the island. That is the sunset is magic in the sky.

This beach is most for the local people to come to enjoy the weekend. Most people will bring themselves a picnic basket while enjoying the sunset. The kids play in the playground. No worry, you still can buy some food here in the local restaurant with a tasty meal.
Location: Jalan Manggar, Tanjung Uban Utara, North Bintan 

Lagoi Bay Beach

Lagoi Bay Beach is a short walk from Lagoi Beach and this free to visit. So many people will come here to enjoy the weekend gate away.  This beach is so different because it builds and design from one of management BRC. So, this beach looks like a Bali beach walk in the Kuta area. No worry, you still enjoy your time on this beach. The white sands and a lot of coconut trees will spoil your Instagram feed.  

Location: Sebong Bay, Bintan, Riau Islands 29152, Indonesia
Sri Anjana Beach

This beach is still part of Bintan island but the exactly location in Tanjungpinang city. Local people called Tanjung Siambang Beach. This place is very nice to visit because the winds so soft touch your bare skin. This area beach you also can find some people try to find seafood like fish. This place the waves soft and white sands so amazing to get relax on the beach.

Located: Tanjungpinang

Do you know benefit if you love to spend time in the beach for your health?

Easy to Breathe

Salty water is good for you if you get trouble with breath. Do you have sinus?  The air near the water is charged with more poor ions that boom oxygen absorption in the lungs so respiratory deeper is much less tough and help balance serotonin tiers.

 Better Sleep
Honestly, I feel so sleepy while in the beach. The reason because the waves of beach are like music in my ears; the soft wind makes my eyes so heavy to open. So that is good for my health. After going to the beach, I am also easy to fall asleep when home. It’s like toddler too easy for sleep. Do you know exercise and relaxing on the beach is natural remedy for insomnia. That is after going to beach, your body easy to fall asleep.

Let’s go to the beach but do not go this time. This time is a better to stay at home until the corona virus gone in Indonesia. Better we put this condition in our prayers every time we are praying. Are you agree with me? Let’s share this article and perhaps your friend wants to visit Bintan island or they get information about the benefit to go to the beach.

Be traveler as the way you are


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