Cheaper Coto in Tamanan Terminal Kediri with Good Taste I feel it still a few days pass to enjoy time in Kediri, East Java, Indonesia to attend my cousin's wedding. She invited us to attend her wedding even without wedding invitation physical but on a digital invitation to modern style. I love that. Marry is important to couples who fall in love, the same as me while traveling. I never stop to try to find something nice to explore and hunting culinary.

This was my first-time visit Kediri, East Java. I flew from Batam to Surabaya city direct flight. It needed almost two hours flight. It was o.k because I went with a big family such as Mom, sister, and little brother. We enjoyed every moment we spend on the trip. The most amazing moment that we were hunting food, including attending in spectacular wedding Donna and Lucas. You can see these photos here. How were we are good fun there?









This time I wanted to share a special journey when we were eating Coto. I know in Kediri a lot of yummy culinary and I just try some of them, because I did not have much time to explore it by myself. Perhaps, one day I will go to Kediri again to get a fun time at every moment I come there again. The price of the food is not so bad, but the same if you are eating in restaurant fast food such as KFC in Kediri Mall. Different prices while you are eating in waroeng or street vendors in Kediri.

I went to a few places in vendor street food such as eating durians although that is not the season in Java. So, the price is awesome hahaha. Let’s back to soto (coto). My mommy (aunty from Mama’s family) said she knew the cheaper and taste good of coto in Kediri. So, let’s go there with three cars with application Gojek and Grab (taxi online so simple and easy to go anywhere).

This place for eating coto called Tamanan Terminal Kediri, It’s so famous because this place already exist a long time ago.  Perhaps do you wonder about why I should go so far away to eat coto. What’s making special on this menu! Honestly Coto (read meat or chicken soup) is the same as other soup with the chicken or meat with the ingredients the same. The dressing of chicken soup (coto) used coconut milk. This place is recommended because it already exists since 1969. Why did it call coto Tamanan? Because of soto Kediri (Kediri chicken soup sold in the Tamanan Terminal area, Mojoroto, Kediri City. We were eating in Soto Ayam dan Ayam Bakar Bok Ijo "Pak No." My Mommy Sri recommended this place with the reason this place never empty of buyers because it tastes good.

That was true because when we have arrived in this waroeng. This simple shop full customers eating chicken soup (soto Kediri). We should wait till we get space for seats. We came with a big family and need two-line tables. The price of soto (chicken soup) is cheaper, one portion of around 7,000 IDR. It included coto and rice. You also can order some food to enjoy the coto such as grilled chicken.

Pak No waroeng (Mr No shop) is not only selling soto, but also various side dishes that are grilled. The price varies depending on what you choose. Let me explain about what this waroeng offers for the grilled chicken. 4 chicken hearts priced 20,000 IDR; One serving of chicken skin costs 20,000 IDR; Chicken thigh valued 17,000 IDR; The chicken head urinal is pegged at 12,000 IDR. We were order some of them and eat them with happy because the taste chicken grilled so taste and smooth even it called Ayam kampung (Kampong chicken).  The soy sauce which it favors the chicken is great and makes chicken shine of the soy sauce.

The problem while eating in this place if you ordered a lot of dishes; you have to be patiently waiting. This place cooked by order, so everything is hot and tasty. Honestly, if you asked me another recommendation where I should eat chicken soup (soto ayam) in Kediri; I can’t give you another clue because I just eat soto in this place only, but I also eat in another place for the pecel picuk. I will tell you later about this menu. Do not forget to share with your friends on social media about this place; because it is nice to give good information to the people and help small businesses to get new customers.
Based Experience Butterfly Traveler
How is the Service?
Slow so I give 2 stars
How is the Taste Food?
Good so I give 4 stars
How about Variants Food?
A lot so I give 4 stars
Do you Recommend this place?
Would you back again?
How is the design a restaurant
It was waroeng (small shop) but the place is clean.


Address Soto Tamanan Kediri Pak No
Sentra Soto Ayam Bok Ijo Blok 4, Jl. Dr. Sahardjo, Semen, Kec. Mojoroto, Kediri, Jawa Timur 64116
Hours: Close 4.00 PMnd close


The Map Soto Tamanan Terminal Kediri

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