Half Day in Museum Angkut Batu Malang

AsiaButterflyTraveler.com- I remembered 2014 ago I was going holiday to Batu Malang. I got stop in Museum Angkut. That’s time I did not go inside the museum. I just looked around in the outside of museum and get entrance to Mask Museum and eat in Pasar Apung. I was so happy in the short time I got lost there in Museum Angkut area.

This year, I am back holiday to Batu Malang. I already decided to get lost in Museum Angkut. Some of member families already agree to get lost there. The ticket prices are quite expensive then what I imagine. Per person, we have to spend around 100,000 IDR. If you bring camera DLSR or pocket camera, you should pay the fee around 30,000 IDR. In that time, I am thinking why this museum to buy the ticket is a bit pricey.

When I entrance the gate of Museum Angkut, the staff gave me sticker on my wrist. This museum Angkut located at Batu city, East Java, Indonesia. It opens noon time around 12.00 pm to 08.00 pm every day. No worry, if you want to visit this place to get fun time. Every minute you spend in museum angkut is valuable. Perhaps you are wonder what is mean angkut. Angkut is mean transportation. So, this is museum in English language become Transportation Museum Batu Malang, Indonesia.

What is in your mind while you hear about transportation? It will be a lot of cars, public transportation, flight and many things. You are right! Because in this place, you will find many collection about transportation start unique, classic until modern. It’s not about Indonesia transportation but also over sea transportation. Where is you will love to look around all collection in museum angkut (transportation).

The museum Angkut has more than 300 collections. The collection types Museum Angkut of traditional to modern transportation. The museum is divided some zone where every zone has different style and background. It’s like background build continents Asia, Europe and America. When you get lost in The Europe Zone, you will find a lot of vintage cars. Most this area is setting by 1800-1900’s French Style.  

The most I love in the zone of Indonesia and also flight. I don’t remember exactly what kind of that zone. I just know, I looked a few old transportation before I am born in this earth. That is so awesome. That collection starts from the becak (rickshaw), honestly when I see it. My mind remind me when I was studied in Yogyakarta and mostly used that rickshaw as my public transportation to go to Malioboro. When the background on the rickshaw also Malioboro I get smile on my face.


I spend time there slowly because It worth it to spend half day in this Museum Angkut. Even the price is quite expensive but it is so valuable. I am also spend longer time in the area flight. I also get inside the president plane. It is so rocks and I never dream about it. Although it’s just the airplane simulation in that area, I get fun time seat on the office desk and dining room. In some area or zone Museum Angkut, the management already prepare some staffs will help some visitor or passengers to take photo. So no wonder if you are going holiday alone in the Museum Angkut, You will not get problem to take pictures in every zone in the museum angkut.

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What people opinion after visiting the Museum Angkut Batu Malang? Do you wonder about it! Let’s we read some of them talk about this place.

Mr A: It’s nice to see the educational side of the museum, although looking at the cars/other transportation vehicles are quite interesting too. Many spots for photos, the place is quite well.

Miss B: People said this place is nice and also biggest car museum in Indonesia. Absolutely, I am agrees with them. This place has many cars to be seen, especially American ones of the 50' and 60'.  

Mrs C: The museum has so many historical cars and motorcycle. They have so many collections about the old cars and motorcycles. There also have collection of old plane. I love to spend time here.

Wong Jowo: I never bored to visit here again. I love in train zone because I am still kid, so I can used train.

The Museum Angkut Batu, Malang, Indonesia
Address: Jl. Terusan Sultan Agung No.2, Ngaglik, Kec. Batu, Batu City, East Java 65314
Build at 9 March 2014
Operation Hours every day start from 12.00 pm to 08.00 pm

Honestly, I love to watch the carnival in Museum Angkut. Some people wear costume. Most of them using super hero costume and also cartoon. It’s so fun we get dance together and also take some selfie photos with them.

Don’t you feel hungry while spend all day or half day there, because this place open in the noon time. Yes, I feel so hungry but no worry! You can eat in some area at zone they have waroeng (stand food) or cafĂ©.  You also can go to Pasar Apung and back again to Museum Angkut also no problem as long as your sticker in your wrist is not broken.

When I visit in that place (Transportation Museum) I am eating in fast food near Las Vegas before the carnival start it. The price is still good price. We also eat old style ice cream and cartoon-shaped cotton sugar. We spend time with smile and happiness. Every zones in the museum angkut, we always taken photo for our collection. I bet you will keep it on your best memories while holiday in Batu.


If you think this article is useful and make you want to visit this museum angkut (Transportation Museum). Would you share it to your social media or to your friend who want to make plan holiday in Malang. They should visit this museum angkut, so they holiday is more valuable with great and fancy photos in that place. The museum angkut is the best place in Batu to discover slowly to enjoy every moment in this place.

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How is the Service?
Good, I give it 5 stars
How is the price of ticket?
Expensive but valuable spend the money
What do you feel inside the museum?
I feel so happy, so I give this 5 stars
Do you Recommend this place?
Would you back again?
What is the most you like it in this place?
The carnival and also the Europe zone because I never been there and love the background every places on this museum.


The Map of Museum Angkut (Transportation Museum)


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