Feel the Luxury and Comfort at Wyndham Hotel Surabaya

AsiaButterflyTraveler.com-Finally, the corona issue is over. Especially for those who have been vaccinated three times, can travel between cities without having to pay extra for PCR and antigens. Hopefully, this is a good step to registering the world economy, especially in Indonesia. In fact, I also can't wait anymore, to collect some money so that I can take another vacation.

It feels like just yesterday that I was staying at the Wyndham Hotel Surabaya, apparently, it was two years ago. At that time, I attended a cousin's wedding in Kediri and automatically had to stop by the city of Surabaya. Browse hotels, there are many choices of attractive hotels located in the city center. I don't know, why am I curious about the Wyndham Surabaya Hotel, which is located in the city center. In fact, reviews on several websites such as Agoda, trip advisor are very good. I'm curious, yes, I immediately ordered a hotel there for a few days.


Feel the Luxury of Wyndham Hotel Surabaya

From Batu-Malang, I drove to Surabaya and the first stop was the Wyndham Hotel Surabaya. It is common knowledge, the Surabaya route is very confusing. Because there are many paths. Indeed, the location of this Wyndham Hotel is in the city center and very close to shopping centers, such as Tujungan Plaza, and also close to the submarine monument, you know. Oh hey, a few weeks ago, Tujungan Plaza went viral because of a fire. Hopefully, something like that will never happen again.


As soon as we got off the travel car, the hotel staff swiftly helped us unload our luggage. Quite a lot too, you know, I made a mistake when I was in Kediri buying various foods that I missed. After that, the stuff is done. Immediately, the eye looks at the spacious and comfortable lobby. Even in the right corner, there are several laptops that can be used freely by hotel guests, who don't bring laptops to just open email or browse.


Due to arriving in Surabaya at two o'clock, automatically the hotel lobby is a bit busy. Many check-in and check out. We were served quickly, even though we were given the wrong room. However, it will be updated soon. The hotel elevator is quite fast to go up and down, as well as safe. The reason is, that every guest must tap the room key to be able to go up to their room floor. Well, this standard security procedure, is very good right?


Hotels that choose a minimalist design, as well as a combination of brown and beige colors, make this hotel look luxurious; including the hotel room. There are several options to suit your budget. I chose the deluxe twin room type with a room area of ​​42 square meters. The amities in the room are also complete, starting from a 42-inch TV with a variety of channel choices, and a comfortable work desk with your back to the window. So you can see the atmosphere of the city of Surabaya, a comfortable sofa to relax and enjoy a cup of warm drink.


In fact, there are safety boxes, water heaters for making hot drinks, and refrigerators for guests to store food to keep it fresh and cold. Central AC makes the room cool and the temperature of the AC room can be adjusted. Plus, a comfortable bathroom with a choice of bath or shower. Where separated for the bath and shower. In fact, for the most part, usually, a bathtub and shower are combined. The style of the Wyndham Surabaya Hotel, it is separated. So, bathing becomes cleaner and more pleasant.


Meanwhile, other facilities that hotel guests can enjoy are an outdoor swimming pool located on the 5th Floor; as well as a comfortable gym and sauna. There is also a SPA in this location for guests who want to be pampered. The cost is relatively affordable. While on the lobby floor, there is a restaurant for breakfast, and also for hotel guests who are reluctant to leave the hotel, they can order food there or upstairs. Unfortunately, at that time I didn't have time to eat at the restaurant on the 12th floor or how much, I forgot because it's been a long time. The restaurant is comfortable while looking at the view of the city of Surabaya.


Traditional to Western Breakfast

Come on, which of us likes to skip breakfast? Well, this Wyndham Hotel Surabaya provides a very good breakfast. For lovers of traditional food, corners or corners of traditional food are provided, such as coto, pecel and so on. Honestly, I really like the Pecel Ulek at the Wyndham Hotel, the cobek (tear and mash) is really big! Plus, the peanut sauce pecel tastes good.


If you are not a big fan of food for breakfast, don't worry you can eat chicken porridge, or even pancakes, waffles, and so on. Even the desserts can be considered super duper complete, starting from fresh fruits, bread, and cakes, to puddings, you know. The restaurant room for breakfast is also very comfortable. The service was fast and friendly.


Staying at the Wyndham Surabaya hotel really provides a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere. Moreover, near the supermarket, as well as the biggest shopping center in Surabaya. Plus, it's an icon tour that you must visit if you go to Surabaya. Curious, what tours should we do while on vacation in Surabaya. Don't go anywhere, I'll tell you about my experience on vacation in Surabaya, who knows you may also be interested in enjoying time in the second-largest city in Indonesia.


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