Review: Facilities and Strategic Discovery Hotel Bali


Review: Facilities and Strategic Discovery Hotel Bali Luck is sometimes on our side when positive thinking and the universe answers our dreams. I remember in 2017, I crossed into the grounds of the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Bali hotel which is located on Jalan Kartika; in my heart, I hope one day I can stay and feel the sensation of staying at this one hotel.


Unexpectedly, in 2019 I was finally able to stay for a few days at this Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel. Fly from Jakarta to Bali and arrive at the hotel at one o'clock in the afternoon. The hotel atmosphere is full of guests between check-in and check-out. Traditional Balinese music was heard, which at that time was in front of the restaurant.


While waiting for their turn to check in, one of the hotel staff came over with a glass of welcome drink and cold hand towels. Not bad for refreshing tired hands lifting two heavy suitcases while at the airport, uh the airport. After waiting over an hour. Finally given the room key.


When it got the room was on the third floor. Come on, I'm going there. While the luggage was carried by the hotel bellboy. Feel the occasional breeze when passing through the room corridor on the 3rd floor. This hotel is spacious and large. Can the room be a bit at the end, quite far from the elevator? At least, you won't hear the sound of guests' footsteps going up and down the elevator.


As usual, of course, tap the lock and insert the key into the box to be able to turn on the lights. The bathroom is on the right near the exit. While on the left side there is a wide wooden wardrobe. Complete with slippers, thick bathing suits, and also a safety box.


On the other side of the cupboard, there is a table for the pantry such as a water heater (hitter), two glass cups, and several sachets of coffee, tea, and sugar. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the table there is a refrigerator, aka mini bar, of course, if you want to consume it, you have to pay, hihi. Oh yes, even though it's a deluxe room, the room is quite spacious. On the right side is a large and comfortable king bed, beckoning to lay down. Meanwhile, in the position of the television, there is a pair of wooden chairs with soft cushions to sit on.


Oh, this room also has a balcony, you know. The balcony is quite spacious, there are two benches to sit back while looking at the view. Incidentally, the only sight that can be seen is the car park and the hotel's tall building next to the Discovery Kartika Plaza hotel. After putting things down and looking around. Intrigued by the shape of the bathroom. Immediately glanced, greeted with a gray color with the word marble pattern. On the sink table, there is a large mirror.


Let’s talk about the amenities of this one hotel for cleaning purposes are quite complete; as usual, there is hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and shower cap, oh the difference is that this hotel also has body lotion, and it smells refreshing. Even though it is in the form of a shower, it is very comfortable to be in the bathroom of this Discovery Kartika hotel. The reason is, the size of the bathroom is quite spacious. So that bathing and cleaning are comfortable.



Immediately, I clean myself because from the morning already at the airport. Freshen up by washing your face and changing clothes. Then continue lying down while watching television. Yes, quite an LCD television with lots of channel choices can accompany you while relaxing while waiting for the sunset.


Finally, really overslept. Luckily, I woke up at 4 pm, so I could get ready to take a shower and see the sunset on Kuta Beach, Bali. I don't know why, dozens of times, uh, I've only been to Bali a few times. However, the sensation of Kuta Beach is never boring. After taking a shower, bring equipment such as a tripod, smartphone stabilizer, and camera, who knows there is an intention to share content. It's understandable that in 2019 there is still not much interest in content, let alone vlogging. Even though we already have several YouTube channels specifically discussing traveling, it's still just a hobby or documentation. Not yet 80 percent as creator content. If you're curious, the channel name is jejakcantik on YouTube.


Explore Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel

Discovery Kartika Plaza Bali Hotel is one of the strategic hotels located right on South Kuta Beach. So, guests who stay here just need to walk to enjoy the beauty of the famous sunset on Kuta Beach.


This hotel has 316 rooms. Wow, that's a lot huh. Moreover, the comfort of staying at this hotel feels really good. Where to get to the lobby just a few meters from the main road. Thus, there is no sound of passing vehicles. In fact, to go to the hotel lobby, we are spoiled with a large garden and fountain. Feels grandeur, even you can get a little wet with the splash from the fountain.


With a spacious lobby with friendly staff service, there are also six choices of hotel restaurants that can pamper the tongue and stomach of guests who want to dine at the restaurant in this one hotel. Oh yes, this hotel's facilities are the most complete and strategic. Because it is close to the airport and mall.


What are the facilities of this five-star hotel near the south Kuta beach? This Kartika Plaza Hotel has a large swimming pool. Where to get to the swimming pool, we have to cross a beautiful garden. In fact, from a distance, we can see the tempting Kuta beach.


There is a large swimming pool and there is also a pool bar. Where you can order drinks or snacks, while in the pool. In fact, you can also feel the freshness of the gym at this hotel facility. In addition to the gym, there are also yoga classes, tennis, and beach volleyball. Have children, but want to enjoy my time. Children can also be included in the kids club at this hotel.


So, want to stay at the Discovery Kartika Plaza Bali hotel? Curious, what types of rooms are there in this five-star hotel? Room options at this hotel:

  • Deluxe Garden View
  • Deluxe Pool View
  • Deluxe Garden Access
  • Deluxe Ocean View
  • Grand Deluxe Ocean Front
  • Junior Suite
  • Family Suite
  • Discovery Suite
  • Presidential Suite
  • 2 Bedroom Beachfront Villa


Dining at the Discovery Kartika Plaza hotel has several options such as The Pond Restaurant, now this restaurant is usually used for breakfast for guests. Then there are Sokube, Tupai Bar, Kul Kul Pool Bar, Sunset Lounge and bar, and El Jardin.


Uh, speaking of breakfast. It's really fun to have breakfast at the Discovery Kartika Plaza Bali Hotel. There are many menu choices, especially the interior and design of The Pond restaurant is really interesting! Soft wall color, combined with brown decor. Looks elegant and classic. Moreover, the menu variants can be adjusted to taste.


Moreover, I'm the type who likes to try a variety of menus, here there are western food, Asian food, including Indian food, which is the prima donna in this hotel. In fact, the selection of juices and fresh fruit is varied. Of course, breakfast here is definitely tempting. Want to eat indoors and outdoors are equally fun. That's how I felt when I stayed for a few days at the Discovery Kartika Plaza Bali hotel.


Well, do you think you are interested in a staycation at this one hotel? This is the experience of the blog owner when staying at the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel in Bali. 

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