Luckily Stay at Marina Bay Resort on Tioman Island Covid-19 still controls the universe, some of the earth's creatures must be patient not to do adventures. That patience, made me open an old photo album. Last 2017 photo, precisely in November. My friend I went to Tioman Island, Malaysia. We stayed longer in Mukut Village and only one day in Genting Village. Nevertheless, we feel happy and fortunate to be able to stay at Marina Bay Restaurant and Resort. In fact, I had a taste of noodles, a special menu in the Marina Bay Restaurant which was cooked directly by the daughter of the Resort Owner. 

Marina Bay Restaurant and Resort is located in the village of Genting which is the largest and translate island to go to several other islands in Tioman. Understandably, a glimpse of Tioman Island which is part of the State of Malaysia is similar to the Riau Islands Province. Want to go anywhere have to use sea transportation. The reason is, this place does sell the natural beauty under the sea. In fact, to get in there we have to pay a tax for a coral that is quite expensive.

Vacation to Tioman Island, Mukut Village and Genting Village
A friend recommended we stay at Marina Bay, at that time the sea waves on Tioman Island could not be guessed. Many resorts are closed or only a few guests come to stay there. At that time, we really had to go home. The reason, it has been almost two weeks in the village of Mukut. A pleasant trip, meeting with local residents and also one of the owners of the Radio there invited us to take a vacation and at the same time volunteer to write about the village tour in 2017.


At that time, I got information about the place from a friend in the whatsapp couchsurfing group. I was interested being a volunteering as well as holidays. Incidentally at that time, Abang Isma, the owner of one of the radios in Mukut Village needed volunteers to export Mukut Village and tell it on social media. Yups, we got free lodging, plus meals too. While all transportation costs from the house to Mukut Village are for personal expenses. Why not! I was at that time, not too much busy. Yes, vacation and social work at the same time why not. I was so excited. 

That's a glimpse of the story of why I could be on Tioman Island, and a friend of the blogger community also visited there. Even though it's not Mukut Village, but the village or "other island" is just as beautiful. November is not a good month, if you want a vacation to Pulau Tioman. It depend on luck if you holiday in that month (November), sometimes you will get luck to obtained to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The reason is, high waves, erratic weather. There are storms and weather can’t prediction.

Long story short, it's time we return to the City. Due to the uncertain weather, fortunately there were ships that sailed. Now, from this Mukut village, we must go to Genting Village by using a speed boat, one person is approximately 50 RM, so two people are charged 100 RM. This price can change. The thing is, we got the friendly price after an adventure in Mukut Village, we got some good and friendly acquaintances.

Lucky to Stay at Marina Bay

We were invited to stay at Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant. The owner of this resort is very friendly. Abang Ian, owner of the Marina Bay Resort in Genting Village. The location of this resort is not far from the port. Keep going from the harbor, then turn left and continue the trip according to the path. Not long after, we arrived at the resort.
Marina Bay Restaurant is on the left side of the road and the inn is on the right side of the road. They call it a chalet. Design a traditional house, like a house on stilts. Nevertheless, the room is very comfortable in the room; available facilities such as hot and cold shower, bed, air conditioning, television and toiletries. If you want a vacation to the Genting Village on Tioman Island, you can search Marina Bay.
From the terrace of the room, we can see the ocean view. Honey, drizzle is inviting. So, we undo the intention to export where we stay. Take a break and take a shower and finally the rain stopped. So that I do not want to waste my time while in the precarious village, immediately blush and see the location. Yes, the view of the beach is very beautiful. In fact, several times I saw a ship stop running out carrying a group for snorkeling or diving. Gosh, if you can swim; I want to!

Many choices the rooms provided at Marina Resort there are several couples and families. Well, if you stay here if you are not married, you are not allowed to know. So, you have to separate rooms, rent two rooms. However, I am certainly comfortable staying here. It feels, one day less haha. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I won't be able to ship anymore. Understandably, bad weather conditions can not be every day there is a ferry crossing. Understandably, they rely on the depth of the water to lean on each port both in the Genting Village and in the City of Mersing.

Enjoy Bakmi at Marina Bay Resort
After discovering Genting Village, of course our stomach feels hungry. Can we buy food that is sold at Marina Bay Restaurant? There are several food menus available to order. I want to try eating the noodles. Looks tempting and drinks a glass of hot lime water. This perfect meal to request after discovering place and get trap in the rain. Eating and warm drinks are most appropriate.

Wow, the cook is the daughter of the owner of Marina Bay. Indeed this restaurant and resort is managed by a family. So parents, sons and daughters work hand in hand to build and develop a joint lodging business. Gosh, nice to hear that, right? The image of the noodles I ordered was also delicious; although it's too sweet. Because, using dark soy sauce and soy sauce taste very sweet. However, the ripe taste of the noodles is just right.

 Sitting relax in the restaurant, the night breeze and from the distance the sound of the waves. Isn't it really fun to enjoy the end of a vacation day on Tioman Island. One day, I definitely want to stay again at the Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant in Genting Village and meet the friendly owner and also include the band who they are getting often invited here and there when they are young.

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