Feel Like Oversea Holiday in Bali

AsiaButterflyTraveler.com- Can I dream? I love to dream of enjoying life, making various interesting stories when doing a short adventure. There were many dreams during teenager before, namely overseas holidays. Every woman has dream to enjoy a relaxing time in a foreign country. There are many things that must be prepared, including matters of official passport documents, visas and certainly funds. However, for me who do not have a lot of funds. Holiday in Bali also feels abroad.
I don't know since when, I fell in love with Bali. From a young age, I always heard people refer to Bali as Indonesia's paradise. Is it really like that? What could anyone exaggerate the island of the gods! The dream will become true and I can visit Bali. That is much then I can imagine long time ago. I went there several time and it sound like magic till now.
Honestly, someone who stays in the island to vacation to Java is very expensive. It’s cheaper to get holiday in neighbor country such as Singapore and Malaysia.  However, there is a desire to be able to enjoy a vacation to Bali and finally I can visit the Island of the Gods. This heart really feels happy and so graceful.

Vacation to Bali Taste Overseas
Some friends will think this title too much. Honestly, I do not think of that hahaha.  However, the reason is a vacation to Bali feels like a vacation abroad. That is starting from the price of round-trip tickets, it can reach 4,000,000 IDR. It stills not any expenses preparation as meals and transportation costs; inevitably have to rent a car to discover Bali. Understandably, in Bali it is difficult for public transportation to get to the destination tourism. It is so contrast if I am holiday in Singapore; where there are buses and MRT that can be used freely and at low cost.
Some people suggestion to rent motor bik and it is so cheaper than rent a car. Please understand, I am still traumatized to carry a two-wheeled vehicle. In fact, if you use two wheels, transportation costs can be reduced so it's cheaper. It's good for you to enjoy your trip and vacation. Isn't that what you've been waiting for! Enjoy every time, without fear of getting lost and spending time on a trip. I ever rent a motor bike with a friend and it so much fun always gets lost on the road. So, better for me that only short holiday in Bali hire a driver and a car to explore without wonder the road.

From the Sea, Mountains to Rice Fields Available in Bali
What is so special about Bali? For me who is still an Indonesian citizen. Bali is unique with a variety of "tour packages" that can be enjoyed ranging from sea views, mountains to rice fields available in Bali. In one island, everything yang can get there! Even the price of fruits in Bali is very affordable and fresh at several points in Bali there are various plantations. Even though I have to be honest; I've never been to a plantation tour. Even the famous plantation as Luwak coffee.
But enjoying the "local fruit" harvests of farmers in Bali was really delicious. I had experience picking oranges while heading to Mount Batur. It was really fun, even though I bought only a kilo and two kilos. The sensation while picking by yourself was so fantastic. Understandably, I am among those born in the city and have never been to a large garden. The garden at house is only small space to plan cassava trees.
The uniqueness of this plantation in Bali, in each location is always different. There is a special strawberry plantation, when we want to go to Bedugul. But unfortunately, never once was interested in stopping and entering into the plantation area which was designed for tourism. I prefer to enjoy lunch while looking at the view of the famous Mount Batur in Bali.
After enjoying the time to relax and eat the food that is served in the buffet style. The journey was continued to enjoy a pampering time at the famous SPA which is still an area in the Ubud area. But unfortunately, from yesterday I tried to contact the telephone number of one of the SPA recommendations on the internet. No answer! Finally, I ventured to come without booking in advance.
I am unlucky, full booked is already full of people waiting in line to get a sensation of body care with beautiful views of rice fields. The location of the hotel where I stayed was in the Kuta area, which is famous for its BEACH views. So, I took a moment to take a walk. Especially the driver that I rented, I don't know where him go. In my mind, I think I will spend two hours, an hour in line and an hour enjoying the sensation of massage.
 Yes, that dream is only a dream. However, it was not in vain to come to that location. Because the scenery is beautiful and the breeze, and the cool air makes me really feel relaxed and enjoy every time. As well as doing a little "exercise" walking to explore the location. (Sorry, the SPA cannot be mentioned, the problem is forgetting the name. Later, if you remember it was made for a special article hahaha).


Why are exotic Balinese rice fields?
Have you been to the fields? Surely the answer is already! Ever seen a view of rice fields in Bali? Surely the answer was never on a postcard (post card) in our childhood or adolescence is not it. Rice field views in Bali indeed seem exotic and are like an interesting level of stairs to be used as landscape photography.
Indeed, the Balinese rice fields are very exotic to me, but unfortunately some people who are on several levels in the Balinese rice fields in the Ubud area, are famous for that they SUCK. Before entering the paddy field, the car and driver stopped at a special place and I had to pay for the entrance ticket to the paddy field location. At that time, in 2018, the entry price was 10,000 IDR.
Uh, at some level there are some people waiting and asking for donations. O.K I give the first level, the second level. I still give them. Finally, I already don't have small money for the third, o.k I can pass. However, at the top level, I was not allowed to pass by them (the person who asked for donations). The reason is because I don't want to give money. In fact, I have explained, I have given it down, They say NOT SAME; DIFFERENT.  So, until now I really feel not happy to go to that location! There's no desire to set foot back for tracking or anything. The reason, they are like spammers for local tourism. Meanwhile, their foreign tourism does not force them to give donation; when they give or not make a donation. It was very frustrating!
Incidentally at that time, I went with a stranger's friend; they called my name and asked the reason why I didn't go on. I answered, I was detained and could not continue the journey; because I don't want to give money to them under the guise of "donations." Seeing me with a group of foreign tourists, they let me in! In fact, can I just imagine if I go alone and do not want to make a donation. How's my fate? Apparently, a friend who I like to call weekend fighter, also suffered a fate that is unlucky with "scammers" in Bali. He was even reluctant to set foot in Bali again! In fact, he was the first time on vacation to Bali. Wow, if I don't want to go to that spot then. For other spots, they do not have coercion like in this terraced rice field location!
The hypnotic view of Kuta Beach in Bali

It is no longer a public secret, aka the sunset view on Kuta Beach is very charming. Golden light is like hypnotizing people who are in Kuta Beach location from end to end. The rays are dazzling, the waves of the sea are heard. The loud boisterous voices of the group people which them an enjoying the view of the sunset were a magical moment in itself.
I like to sit pensively alone, watching the movements of a living creature called HUMAN as they enjoy happiness in the sunlight in the afternoon. Happiness is indeed very simple, as simple as a smile that can crack on the face without coercion! Sincere and comfortable, because empathy, gratitude, confusion can disappear; while enjoying sunset at Kuta Beach, Bali.
According to you, how to enjoy a perfunctory vacation, memorable though not luxurious. Vacation in going abroad, even though it's still in Indonesia! Is there any secret in enjoying a vacation alone or even with a partner, even family? Come share is caring! Similarly, I share the experience of joy and sorrow when vacation to Bali.


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