Hunting Culinary Pisang Gapit at Balikpapan Perhaps you do not know about one of the famous culinary from Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur (East Borneo), Indonesia. You should try to visit Balikpapan and try the street food there. There is a lot of culinary will make your tummy happy. One of them is local people called Pisang Gapit.


Pisang gapit is a banana that is burned using charcoal. Then clamped or pinched with a simple tool. Served with sweet sauce, that is making this food has a unique sensation taste. The name of the Pisang Gapit (pinched banana) is taken from the process of making the pisang gapit itself. Well, I've had this food before, when I was a kid. So, of course, I really miss trying to eat delicious banana pinch.


The first time, try Banana pinch which is located in Melawai. I don't like the color of the sauce which is less brownish and the taste is very different. Luckily, I met one of my blogger friends, madam Dian. She took me to the Kebun Sayur. There is a legend location of the pisang gapit sold. The place, it's not fancy, is on the side of the road. However, the taste of its pinched banana has been known for generations.


 As a result, I went there and tried the pinched bananas that are sold in the Kebun Sayur, Balikpapan. It's long enough to get service there because there are queues and lots of people buy bananas here. Finally, after a long wait. I got my turn to taste this food. The pinched banana was served on the table.


The aroma of bananas that are burned using charcoal makes this pisang gapit smell sweet and also burnt. After that, the pinched banana was cut into pieces and then given a brownish sauce. Where the taste of this sauce is thick, sweet, and savory. In fact, there are pieces of jackfruit in the sauce. Well, enjoy the legendary Pisang Gapit in the Kebun Sayur. It is said that this recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and the taste has never changed. Gosh, to be honest; I really like this legendary Pisang Gapit (Pinched Banana) which is located in a Kebun sayur. Do you want to try this one pinched banana too?


However, about the service... I give it 1.5 stars. The problem is that the seller is sloppy hahaha. Neither the grandmother nor the child was not friendly. However, so far, the Pisang Gapit is the best-pinched Banana at Balikpapan.



Based Experience Butterfly Traveler

How is the Service?

It's slow so I just give it 1.5 stars

How is the Taste Food?

Perfect, I give 5 stars 

How about Variants Food?

Not much, because it's only special to sell bananas

Do you Recommend this place?


Would you back again?


How is the design a restaurant

Pisang Gapit is in the form of a roadside stall. So the design is ordinary because there are only two tables and four long benches. Plus one fan.



 Jalan Marga Sari, Baru Ilir

Kecamatan Balikpapan Baru, Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur

Contact Number: -

Operation Hours

Every day start at 10.00 am- 09.00 pm


THE MAP OF Pisang Gapit Kebun Sayur


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