Fall asleep in Nature with The Loola Adventure Resort Bintan

AsiaButterflyTraveler.com- Let’s try something different to get a new experience in alive. The journey to Loola Adventure Resort Bintan is not easy. Although we are local residents of Tanjungpinang, we don't know the direction to the location that we plan to visit this weekend. Indeed, the location is a bit hidden, and not many people know about this Loola Resort Bintan.


Even the path, not in the middle of the city or the main road. We got lost several times. Oh, this time I did use the word "we" because I went with my family. So, we decided to book two rooms there, namely two chalets. One is near the coast and one is on land.


The beginning of the existence of the Lola Adventure Resort is indeed the target market in Singapore. However, due to corona. They provide promotional prices that can be affordable to local people. Usually, the price before corona is around IDR 900,000 per night. Well, at that time, we managed to get a promo price of IDR 400,000 per night for one room. Friends, you can see the Loola Adventure Resort website directly for more details about the price.


The Loola Adventure Resort concept is indeed more of a nature game. Once inside this resort environment, you could see a lot of coconut trees towering. Even the concept of all buildings is made of wood. As soon as our car stopped. We were also welcomed by the friendly Loola Adventure Resort staff. We were immediately taken to the room that had been booked. Since this time I went with the baby and also Mama. So one room, we ordered not through the platform; even though it was built in concrete form. However, anticipate the baby to be comfortable. We ordered one which was on land. Oh hey, Loola Resort is divided into two choices of rooms, namely chalets and villas. Well, for villas built on the outskirts of a hill. Where the location of this villa is the main icon of this Loola Adventure Resort Bintan promotional photo. Well, for the villa there is a terrace facing directly to the sea. So, guests who book a villa can sit back and look at the beautiful scenery.


As for the chalet, it is on the coast. Where one chalet is on land and the rest are on the coast. At first glance, the picture resembles some inns in the Maldives. Yes, never been to the Maldives; try the atmosphere at Loola Resort Bintan first. The chalet form is simple.


Constructed using wood and painted in brown; the chalet is a stark contrast to the blue sea and sky. Towards the second chalet that we ordered, between the hot sun and past the mangrove trees. While occasionally the sea breeze blows and one hears the sound of the waves from a distance. The reason is, at noon the seawater recedes. It's really calming. Really fell asleep in nature.


For those of you who are always afraid, when walking on the plantar; no need to worry. The reason is, the plantar at Loola Resort is already made of concrete and there are ropes on the right and left sides. So it's safe to go through. The scenery is really fun and makes you feel relaxed. However, for those of you who are afraid of heat. Don't forget to bring sunblock plus mosquito lotion. The reason is, at night there are lots of mosquitoes. However, the rest is very pleasant to spend the night at Loola Resort.


No AC in the chalet; only villas that have air conditioning. However, each chalet room has a mosquito net that can be used at night so that mosquitoes don't disturb sleep. Our fault, for not choosing a villa. So that the baby can not SLEEP well; due to heat and mosquitoes.


SO far, for me personally; I really enjoyed this short vacation at Loola Resort Bintan which is located in Galang Batang. In fact, if there is another chance, want to really enjoy the nuances that are here. Since the baby is fussy due to lack of sleep, so the plan to go home in the afternoon so went home early. However, for those of you who like nature, and want to experience a vacation without a lot of people; Loola Resort is a wise choice for those of you who want to vacation with family and friends. Because one chalet can be occupied by four to five people.


So what are you waiting for! Come on, enjoy relaxing and sleeping in nature with Loola Adventure Resort Bintan. Feel the sensation of being friends with nature. Enjoy relaxing time with family and joking with friends.

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